Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Master Bathroom Remodel

When we bought our house, we knew this master bathroom was a project we'd have to tackle sooner or later. 
Saying it was outdated was the biggest understatement ever. There was so much brass. And SO much wallpaper. Oh, that wallpaper! All the way up to the top of the 20 foot ceiling we have in there. Yes, 20 feet of 1980s wallpaper. GROSS.
Here are a few photos of the "before" in all of its wallpapered glory. 

Lovely, right?!

We started demo on September 1 and just finished up this whole project last week! It took FOREVER, but I am so happy with how it turned out!

If this is looking somewhat familiar to you, yes, I basically copied Classic Annie and her entire bathroom remodel. Thanks for letting me do that, girl! :)

{This is the entrance area with my sink and vanity...the countertop didn't quite reach the entire width of the space, so we had to order extra marble to slide in there. That is the last thing we have to do and it should be here in the next week or so!}

I'm pretty sure the guys who were working on our bathroom hated us the day they had to peel all of the was also the same time our a/c was out! Whoops! Sorry guys!

Because all of this room was so beige, we had to replace basically everything. That fan, the bath tub, the outlet covers, all vanities and towels bars....I think the only thing we didn't have to get was a new toilet!

And never in my life have I had to make so many ridiculous decisions. Like, which way did I want the herringbone pattern to run in the shower: left to right, or up and down?! I mean, seriously, 

My favorite parts are the floor of the shower, and this little nook they made us for our shampoo bottles, etc.

And that's a wrap on my new, light, airy, 2016 bathroom! Major project for sure, but I think it was worth it! 

Vanities and mirrors: Wayfair Supply
Fixtures: Wayfair
Track light: Lowe's


  1. Your bathroom looks so great! & I love SW Sea Salt. We painted our guest bedroom that color and it might by my favorite color in our whole house. Yay for no more wallpaper! :)

  2. It looks sooooo good. In my next life I'll reprint ours sea salt because it looks so good with the tile!!