Thursday, October 13, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 21}

Time for your weekly Lucas (and Ella) update!

Oh this boy. I could just eat him up. He is so precious and roll-y right now.  
And last week he had a hot date with sweet Mary matching outfits (totally unplanned)!

We also had a little photo shoot to celebrate 20 weeks in, 20 weeks out!

Fun fact: that outfit is the one we opened on Christmas when we found out Lucas was a boy! I was kind of an idiot at the time though, and bought a 3 month outfit not really thinking about when he would be wearing size 3 months (aka, in the summer!). So, now that it's cool enough to wear, he barely fits into it, but oh well! 

Friday we made a little trip to the mall, which is never complete without a visit to see the fish at Nordy's!

Lucas also practiced some rolling (still has no interest)!

But he did almost, almost, ALMOST sit up!!!

Saturday, in a moment of complete insanity, we drove up to Chapel Hill for the UNC football game. Yes, there was a hurricane happening. Yes, it was supposed to rain the entire game. But Trav, thinking ahead, bought tickets for us that would be under an overhang so we wouldn't get wet. We felt silly letting these and our original season tickets go to waste, so we went. Ella and Lucas obviously stayed with Trav's parents and I was super jealous. 

This photo doesn't even accurately show the completely gross, pouring-down madness that was going on the entire game. And Carolina ended up getting killed. Ugh. At least we were somewhat dry in our seats?!

Once we survived that madness, we headed back to Charlotte, where the weather was {thankfully} SO much nicer on Sunday! We spent a lot of the day on our patio, and Lucas enjoyed his new Sophie!  (Thank you again, Grandma and Papa!)

Look who decided to sit up long enough for me to take a picture!!!!

Who sits up before they can roll?! This guy. He certainly has his own time schedule of doing things. But hey, fine by me. I love the sitting stage!!

Yesterday, we met some friends at the airport overlook to watch the airplanes take off and land. The weather couldn't have been more perfect!

This sweet boy LOVED the planes! He watched them all so closely..he was super into the whole experience! Can't wait to see how he does on his first flight in a little less than a month!

Poor guy...he just wanted to watch the planes and these big girls kept bugging him! 

That's all for this week! But stay tuned...we have some exciting things planned for this weekend...and {insert praise hands} our bathroom remodel is done! I hope to share pics with you soon! 

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