Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lucas William {Five Months}

Dear Lucas,

Welp, I still can't figure out how to stop time and you are another month older! I'm not sure how you magically got to be 5 months when I just gave birth to you last week, but here we are somehow!

Height: 26.25 inches (58 percentile)
Weight: 16 pounds, 6 ounces (45 percentile)
Head circumference: 17 inches
{not 100% sure how accurate these are since we don't have a doctor's appointment this month...but they definitely confirm my theory that you are in the middle of a gigantic growth spurt!}

Clothes: You are solidly in 3-6 month stuff now that the weather has finally cooled off. It's been kinda hot though the past few days, so I've managed to find a few 3 month outfits that miraculously still fit (thank you, Children's Place and Gap for running HUGE!). Some of your 6 month stuff is actually getting a little snug on you because you have quite a long torso! Everything is baggy on the sides, but I have to struggle to snap some things in the crotch! You are wearing size 9 months in your Ralph Lauren rompers (which are my favorite....gosh, I hope they make it through the winter without getting too small!), and you can even wear a few 12 month things without them totally swallowing you. Praise the Lord, you have finally moved up to size 2 diapers, and of course now that another box is on their way to us as we speak, I think you might be ready for size 3s soon! 

Nicknames: Lou-Lou, Lou-Ba-Lou, Lou-Bear, Baby brother, Luke, Luka-Mooka, Little Peach, Hiiiiiiii guy/little guy, buddy, sweet boy...Ella still calls you "Baby Woo-cus"

Milestones: You decided to totally skip that whole "rolling over" thing and go right to sitting up! You are still wobbly at times, but you've got it for the most part! (I count milestones as: if you can do it long enough for me to take a picture of it happening, then it counts! And you totally can sit up long enough for me to take a picture of it!) You also found your toes this month, and you love to lay in the "happy baby" yoga pose. You love to babble and squeal with happiness! You make lots of absolutely adorable little noises that make anyone and everyone smile...and sometimes it sounds like you are trying to say "Ella!" We also tried you out in the jumperoo for the first time a few weeks ago, and you are totally into it. You're not exactly sure how to get yourself to jump up and down in it, so Ella comes over and pushes it up and down for you. The joys of having an older sibling. Oh! And I almost forgot the BEST milestone you reached this month: being able to put your wubbanubs back in your mouth. Amen. 

Sleep: Oh Lucas. My sweet boy. Whatever this little sleep regression is that's been going on now for about 2 weeks can stop at any time. You have been going to bed around 8:00...and instead of sleeping until the next morning like you're supposed to, you've been getting up at midnight, 3:00, 4:30, usually pick 2 of those times. I know I should be lucky that you're not getting up more, but come on, buddy! You used to sleep so well. I've tried just going in and popping your paci back in, but as soon as you see me, you think "MILK!" and scream even louder! So I have to feed you. I'm hoping this phase doesn't last too much longer because Mama is tired. At least naps have been going well. You normally nap in the mornings 9:30-10:30 and then in the afternoons 1:30-2:30 or 3. You also usually take a catnap around 5:30 or 6 most afternoons.

Best Moment: You had your first legitimate "well visit" this month. It was amazing to go to the doctor and not hear that something else was wrong with you (no low hemoglobin, no flat head, no nothing!)! We also loved taking you to your first UNC game (you were good luck; they scored a touchdown with 2 seconds left to win the game!) and watching you sit up for the first time!

Worst Moment: Please refer to the "sleep" section. Let's get it together in this category, ok Lu-Lu?!

Likes: Kicking your feet, playing with/eating your hands, your wubbanubs, lights/fans, EATING, bath time, snuggling with Mommy and/or Daddy, being on your tummy, your sit-me-up chair (and especially the crinkly butterfly that is attached to it), when we clap your hands for you, grabbing your feet, when I imitate your gargling noises, when Daddy makes you "fly, fly, fly" with your arms, when we make you "stand up" and then sit you down really quick over and over, when people say "BOO!" and the Baby Shark song.

Dislikes: Being hungry or tired. Oh man, you definitely let me know if it's been a while since your last nap or feeding! You are also not a fan of when you can hear me, but not see me.

Health: Picture of perfect health this month!!!!!!! You cheeks were a little red last week, but no fever, so I think you might be teething?! You have been super drooly too, so that would make sense.

Eating: Considering you've gained what I think is a solid pound and a half in the last 4've got this eating thing down! You are still nursing every 3 hours for about 20 minutes per session, unless it's in the middle of the night...I cut you off after about 10/15 minutes because, hello, it's 3 AM and I want to sleep (and you should, too!). We gave you rice cereal for the first time last night hoping it might help you sleep longer at night (spoiler alert: it did not), and you actually loved it!! So I will try to give that to you each evening when Ella is eating her dinner. Hopefully next month we will get the green light for fruits and veggies...definitely tastier things coming your way soon! 

My sweet little guy, you are our JOY BOY (totally stole that from my friend, but she said it was ok because you are so full of joy!) and such a light in our lives!! Daddy, Ella and I all completely adore you! You always manage to make us happier than we ever thought possible! I always say that I could just eat you up with a spoon because you are just SO scrumptious at this age!!!  Now please start sleeping through the night, and stay my happy little baby forever!

{And, just for fun...Ella at 5 months}

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