Thursday, October 27, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 23}

First and foremost, we {finally!} have a roller!!!

 Lucas rolled over last Thursday, spent all day Friday just rolling around everywhere, and now he wants nothing to do with rolling over/thinks its the dumbest thing ever/wonders why we made such a fuss about it. Ha! 

Also last Thursday we went to a trick or treat thing near South Park. It was super hot, so Ella's dalmatian costume was definitely out. I looked through both kids' closets to see what we had that could work, and settled on a UNC cheerleader and football player!


It was suuuuuper crowded, so we unfortunately didn't get a whole lot of candy (or wait in the long lines for any of the activities). Note to self: go early next year!

Saturday morning, Ella had a very special event to attend: cupcake decorating with Elsa and Anna! Oh. my. goodness. She was SO excited for this. 

{I mean, doesn't she look excited!? Ha! She really was though, promise.}

She asked Anna if they could sing "First Time in Forever" since that's like her favorite song ever. Anna politely said maybe later. Don't worry, Ella about lost her sh*t when "Let It Go" came on a little later and Elsa started singing and dancing to it! 

Saturday night was Trav's work gala... Lucas and Ella had lots of fun with our fav babysitter!

Sunday, we went to Maggie and Teddy's birthday party! They had the cutest set up where the kids could pick out a pumpkin and paint it. 

Ella painted hers all red, "because Marshall." Oh geez.

Her favorite part was definitely the cake!

After that excitement, we met up with Kathryn and Penelope at Chipotle!

Kathryn let me borrow this Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit because Lucas is still getting up 1-2 times per night and I am trying everything I can to get him to sleep through the night again! 

Sad times, Merlin wasn't very "magical" for us and Lucas did not enjoy wearing it. Ugghhhhh. He's lucky he's cute!

Yesterday was Open House at Ella's dance class, which meant us parents got to watch in the room, and not outside on a tv screen! I was way more excited about this than I probably should have been. All 7 years of my dance lessons came flooding back to me during her class, haha!

Lucas was not impressed.

Last night, we broke out the Halloween jammies! 
We are gearing up for a fun Halloween weekend!!!


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  1. Anna looks Legit. Elsa might want to work on her wig situation a bit. Insert laughing crying emoji here!