Thursday, October 20, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 22}

Gah, this boy! I could just eat him up. Look at how he is posing and everything! 

We had a fun week! Last Friday we visited the pumpkin patch!

Eeeekk matching outfits!! (And the best part is they also reverse to Santa on the other getting 4 outfits for the price of 2!)

Ella kept picking up every small pumpkin she could lift and putting them in our wagon. I think we had about 10 little pumpkins in there at one point!

{My kids love me, ha!}

Lucas was really mad he couldn't have a pumpkin donut...

And what would a trip to the pumpkin patch be without seeing the fire truck?! (Haha, because those 2 things totally go together...)

{Check out our pumpkin patch trips from last year and 2014!}

This little froggie had a nice bath after rolling around in all that dirt.

Ok, so he wasn't exactly rolling around in dirt at the pumpkin patch....but I just love a clean baby in a hooded animal towel, don't you?!

The next morning, we put on Ella's Halloween costume to go to a special cupcake decorating event with Mackenzie! 

Ella is a dalmatian, but is telling everyone she is Marshall from Paw Patrol. Anyway, the girls had so much fun making special Halloween cupcakes!

They even "drank" the sprinkles :)

The baby brothers had fun too!

After that, we went to a fall festival in Pineville! Ella was too short to ride most of the rides there, but she did love the carousel! Zebras are her new favorite animal this week. (Probably because they are black and white like Marshall?!)

Lucas and Cooper had matching shirts!!

Oh and in case you were wondering what the happy baby yoga pose looks like...

Lucas spends at least half of his waking hours like this! Ha!

Another exciting event this past week was on Tuesday when Lucas tried rice cereal for the first time! 

Please just ignore Ella's "dinner." She was having one of those nights where she literally did not want to eat anything. #toddlersarefun

He wasn't sure what to think at first...

...but ultimately, he loved it! 

After that, the kiddos got a bath together and wore their Halloween jammies, because Ella is in this stage where she wants Lucas to do every. single. thing. she does. I guess its cute?

Last but not least, I am finishing up Lucas's Halloween costume and found him a hat this week!

Yes, I could have totally ordered a firefighter costume but I had some mom guilt about making his, since I made Ella's costumes the past 2 years. 

Have a great weekend, friends! 


  1. I LOVE their pumpkin outfits at the patch!!! So cute!!

  2. Where is your top in the pumpkin patch pictures from? Love it!

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