Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun Fall Weekend

We had a really fun weekend!

We kicked things off Friday with a trip to the pumpkin patch!

Ella wanted to eat all of the pumpkins...she went right up to several of them and tried to bite them. I think she thought they were apples?!

My child did not want her picture taken.

But she did want to pick up pumpkins and put them in the wagon!


Her favorite part?! The fire truck!

Saturday, we headed up to Chapel Hill to see Trav' parents. They found an original Tickle Me Elmo that had belonged to Travis' sister, so they got it out of the attic for Ella!! She loved it!!!

 After hanging out with Elmo for a little bit, we took Ella to Tarheel Town, which is something UNC does before every home game. They had bounce houses (which Ella was DYING to go in, but unfortunately, she was too small), face painting, bands playing....

...and of course Rameses was there!

Too bad Ella was once again terrified of him, so I made Trav go with her. Look at her little face. She is so scared!

Then we waited for the Victory Walk, where all of the football players get off the bus and go into the stadium!

This time when we saw Rameses, Ella was excited!

Ryan Switzer, one of our favorite players, also walked right by us! 

And again, my child hates pictures. UGH!

We dropped Ella off with Trav's parents so we could go to the game (it started at 7PM, which is Ella's bedtime, so there was no way we were trying to bring her!).

It was a great night for a football game, but gosh was it cold!!!!!

Yes, 52* is cold to me. I was seriously shivering and hunting down the person selling hot chocolate. 

Yesterday, we drove back to Charlotte (thank you, Ella for screaming 3/4 of the ride home and refusing to nap!) and got home just in time for the Panthers game!!

I think this was Ella's face after one of Cam's interceptions...yes, he is on my fantasy team so I was paying attention to the game!!!
We were all so excited they won!

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  1. Ella is so precious! I have seen so many cute photos of pumpkin patch outings with cute pumpkin outfits today! Excited to do that next year :)