Monday, October 26, 2015

Pre-Halloween Weekend

We had a fun little weekend! 

We kicked off Friday by "helping" Travis rake leaves! We have so many leaves in our yard, Trav wanted to start early this year. Ella was really into it!!

Saturday, we cheered on our Heels from Charlotte!

{note the still unfinished cupcake costume in the background...}

We didn't go to Chapel Hill for the game this weekend because we had an event to attend for Trav's work. It was the gala where you have to wear tennis shoes with your fancy attire. 

I ended up being able to wear my dress from last year. Last year, I wore it strapless, and this year, I pulled one of the straps up to make it one shoulder! Gotta love versatile clothing. 

One cool thing was that Jay Bilas was the "master of ceremonies." If you aren't into sports, he is on ESPN all of the time during basketball season, and is one of the hosts of College Gameday (basketball version). He actually lives in Charlotte...and he was hilarious

We had a fun little night out!

Yesterday, we went to Ella's friend's house for a pumpkin party!! They had a real pony there...Ella wasn't too sure about it!

She really just wanted to swing!

And of course, she painted a pink pumpkin :)

We have a fun week coming up...if I can just finish that stupid cupcake costume!!! ;)

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