Friday, October 2, 2015

Five on Friday!

1. First and foremost, Happy October! The BEST month!!

My fall decorations are finally out, so bring on the pumpkin patches and cooler weather!

2. I mentioned that I was reading this book, and I finally bit the bullet and cleaned out my closet Wednesday. HOLY CRAP. It was amazing, but overwhelming! Here's what it looks like now:

Yes, all those empty hangers are clothes I got rid of!! I managed to sell a bunch of them, both in a Facebook group, and then I took some to a consignment store...and the rest I just gave to Goodwill! Definitely took a while, but I love walking in my closet now!! (Oh, and I know the book says to fold your clothes, but I don't have that much drawer space, and prefer to have my clothes hanging!) Now onto the next thing to declutter...

3. This.

My new favorite side from Trader Joe's. We had it last night with some shrimp, and it was so delish! I just had to share.

4. We have been having so much fun at our music classes! Ella has really been getting into it, and she especially loves the "Peekaboo" song we sing with the scarves. She thinks it's hilarious.

5. This weather. UGH. Go away Joaquin!!! {I'm just glad we're not going to the beach till next weekend!!!}

Have a happy weekend! Stay dry!


  1. I'm reading that book & love it! I've been cleaning out everything in our house and can't wait to see how organized and put together it feels when I get done :) Your closet looks great!

  2. I have been reading so much about that book - I need to try it! I just cleaned out my closet to make room for fall clothes and it felt so good to toss things!

    Have a great weekend :)

  3. I prefer to have all of my clothes hanging up too! In fact, in our bedroom now we have one dresser and it's filled with my husband's clothes. I hang almost everything and fold sweatpants/tshirts on a shelf! I love not having to mess with drawers! And I definitely need to make a trip to Trader Joe's!