Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Lately | October

Okay, okay. I realize it's not quite October yet, but I wanted to do my monthly "Lately" post today so I could link up for What's Up Wednesday!

Wearing: Fall clothes, FINALLY!!! And since it's been raining for almost a week straight here in Charlotte, I've been living in these:

Reading: I'm currently in the middle of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I am so inspired to get rid of everything I own!

My house really is full of wayyy too much clutter. I just need about 204 more hours in each day to get it done. 

Thinking: WHEN will it stop raining?!?!? #overit

Craving: Lots of soup and chili on these dreary days! I made Chesson's White Chicken Chili on Sunday and it was delicious!! 

Loving: That in a little over a week, we will {finally!} be at the beach!

{look at my little beach babe last year! can't wait to take tons more pics this year!}

Watching: I'm totally addicted to Ladies of London.

These ladies are exquisite and I'm obsessed with anything British. Every week, I want to go on vacation (or I believe, they call it "holiday"?) there immediately. Who wants to come with me?!

Planning: Still planning Kathryn's baby shower!!

{quick pic of some party favors!}

It's this weekend, and I'll be sure to share lots of pics next week!

Happy {almost} October!!!


  1. I need to start watching Ladies of London! I love all this Bravo, and this is probably the only series that I haven't watched!

  2. Yay! I'm glad that you loved the White Chicken Chili! Perfect for all of these nasty rainy days we've been having lately... enjoy the beach when you go!

  3. I read (well, listened to the audiobook while doing lots of driving for work) The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up too! I really really want to do this but I'm hesitant because we don't plan on staying in our current space for too much longer, and it would be much easier if I knew it was our permanent home! We have acquired so much crap!!