Friday, October 16, 2015

Five on Friday!

Oh, HEYYYY there! Sorry for the radio silence over here, but we've been at the beach!!
(Full recap coming soon, I know you're excited!)

1. Ella sported her first pigtails last week and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. 

I. can't. even.

2. Charlotte moms! You have to stop by my friend Katie's house this weekend! 

Of course Ella and I went on Wednesday and I got her a super cute bonnet from April (red for Christmas, I'm so excited!) and another couple of things from Anni! All 3 ladies have so much cute stuff, it was hard to not buy everything!

3. Speaking of Anni, she is going to make Ella's birthday shirt for me (yes, her birthday is in February)! Ok, so don't judge me for planning ahead...I am a little type A, we know this!
The theme of her party is Lilly Pulitzer and Anni is going to make me a shirt like this:

So all of you Lilly fanatics out there, what fabric should I get for the appliqué? We might even make matching pants to go with it!
These are my favorites:

Let me know your opinion! (You only have 3.5 months...haha)

4. Ok, so speaking of being type A, I can't believe it is already October 16 and I do not have Ella's Halloween costume done. Shoot, I haven't even started it, who am I kidding. I am so behind on life! And yes, I am crazy for making it again this year...but my mom always made mine growing up, so I feel bad just buying one for Ella! 

Here is what I'm attempting...

...and yes, I do realize I am crazy! Ella will probably refuse to wear it with my luck!

5. A few beach "outtakes" if you will...

{when my camera timer went off wayyyy too quickly!}

{swinging and laughing...kind of?!}

{#eatallthepuffs... It was the only way we could keep her happy on this boat!}

{that one time I made everyone get up early and have a sunrise photo shoot on the beach...Ella=not a fan!}

Plenty more where that came from next week! (But better pics, promise!)
Have a great weekend!