Monday, October 5, 2015

Kathryn's Baby Shower

If you've been reading for a while now, you may remember the amazing bridal and baby showers my dear friend Kathryn has thrown for me in the past.

So of course, I had to (attempt to) return the favor for her baby shower yesterday! 

First, here are the invitations:

I was so excited when I found these on Etsy! They are identical to some I loved on Tiny Prints, but at a fraction of the cost!

Anyways, I had this really ridiculous idea that I was going to have tons of time before the shower started to run around and take really good pictures of everything. HA! At 12:58 (the shower started at 1:00), I thought I had time, so I was quickly running around trying to get everything as people were walking in the door!

And because it was the gloomiest day ever, I had to use flash, which I never like please excuse that these pictures are literally, the worst. Ever. But I promise it was a cute party ;)

A better shot of the diaper cake:

It was really easy to make!!! I used this tutorial

Oh and I made those onesies! A tutorial is coming soon...

We had wayyyy too much food! Not even pictured is the counter to the right, which had salad, fruit, veggies and different warm appetizer things (100 piece party pack from Costco...amazing). 

Since Kathryn isn't finding out the gender, we had people guess when her baby would arrive and if it would be a boy or girl. Most people guessed girl, and the week of Christmas!

Beverages...again, worst. picture. ever. That sign says "watering hole."

And of course we had to label the wines!

Loved the "Hello Baby" bunting! I ordered a huge printable file from Etsy, and it included most of the signs and labels used for the party!! It was awesome. 

We also had a station set up where guests could decorate an alphabet block...this was Kathryn's idea, and I thought it was so cute! I should have taken a picture of all the blocks after...they turned out so great!

We also had a station set up for writing messages on diapers. Kathryn had this at my shower, and I loved reading the messages when Ella finally got into that size diapers! 
(PS, can you tell I used to be a teacher with the plethora of sharpies I had readily available for both this and the blocks?! I did not have to buy one sharpie!)

And animal crackers for party favors!

You know Ella was appropriately dressed for the safari-themed shower!

Kathryn got so many great gifts!

My favorite was this onesie from her dogs, "my siblings have tails!"

BIG shoutout to my mom who came to help me, and watched Ella during the shower (Trav got stuck working, so Ella had to come)!

...well, I think my mom watched her, anyways ;) When Ella wasn't playing in the gigantic dog cages...

...or testing out the new baby's toys!


Glad I could (somewhat) repay my friend for all of the amazing showers she's thrown me!! Thanks for having a baby, Kathryn!! :)


  1. Looks wonderful!!! I like the jungle/safari theme for a gender neutral shower! And don't you love Etsy?! They make everything so much cheaper and easier!

  2. This looks like an amazing shower! I love the wine labels and the onesies hanging up! Too cute!