Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Baby Shower

I am so blessed to have the world's most incredible party planner as one of my best friends. You may remember the bridal shower that Kathryn threw for me in March of 2012. Well, I can tell you that she once again outdid herself for Baby Ferg's shower this past Sunday! 

First let me say that this chica ran a half marathon the day before my shower (yes 13.1 miles)!! 

Cut to 24 hours later....I wouldn't have been able to move, but this girl is a trooper! Slash insane, but that's why I love her!!

So here's the deets on my baby shower...

Let's start with the invitations:
{picture stolen from Tiny Prints website}

I loved the owl theme she chose, since that was my sorority mascot in college and I've loved owls ever since! 

Starting at the door, she left no corner undecorated. 
We played the "Don't Say Baby!" game, which was super cute. Also note the owl name tags.
And yes, that's my chalkboard! That thing really gets around. 

She also had a station where people could write notes to Travis and I when we are changing diapers late at night.

Here is the main family room, where I opened all of my the baby's presents! (There were more gifts later, I promise...I just took these pics before guests had arrived!)

And yes, that's an owl diaper cake in the upper's a close up:

Moving onto the kitchen, where she made a sh*t ton of pasta (yay!!) and even named the wines (which I sadly couldn't drink but still a fun detail)! 

{"Hoot if you're cute Pinot Grigio"?! Who thinks of this stuff?!}

The water bottle labels say "This party's a hoot!" How cute is that?!

Here is the main dessert table! I love the manzanita branches! 

She even reused some decor from my gender reveal and made these cute bookmarks, too!

And here are some owl-shaped cake pops that she made from scratch! And then placed them in boxes with moss. 
Kathryn told me she had a dream about putting the cake pops in boxes with moss...because that's totally normal. Kathryn, I'm sorry my shower took over your subconscious!!

Of course we had cupcakes. Duh.

But I'm not done yet....this girl turned her whole dining/living room into a craft area! There were bibs to decorate....

...and letters to paint for an alphabet wall in the nursery!! They turned out super cute...I have some very artistic and creative friends! I will post pics once we hang them up! 

Last but not least, a super cute party favor (kettle corn) by the door as guests left. 

And what would a shower blog post be without some awkward pics of me opening presents?!

Baby Ferg got so many amazing things...and most were off my registries, too! I was so excited!! I was expecting A TON of clothes, but I was presently surprised!!! We are so lucky to have such great family and friends! :) 

{fun anecdote: these bloomers and bib actually belonged to MY HUSBAND when he was a baby! His mom also gave me the blanket that they brought him home from the hospital in! It was so sweet...and I def almost started crying!}

Thank you Kathryn, for having another amazing shower for me! Can't wait to repay you when it's your turn!!! :)


  1. What a great friend you have, your shower looks amazing! I love the owl thing and all the details, esp the letters for the alphabet wall.

  2. Such a beautiful shower!! So sweet that your MIL gave you those things that belonged to your hubby!!!

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