Monday, November 4, 2013

Bumpdate {27 weeks}

Well, here we the end of the second trimester and less than 90 days (I hope) from meeting our little lady!! I can't believe it!

Size of baby: A rutabaga (and I have no clue what that is!)
Weight gain: I am right around 140 pounds (some days it’s a little less, some days a little more), which means I have gained 20 pounds!      
Maternity clothes: Yes…and I can’t resist the Gap/Old Navy sales! What am I going to do with all of these maternity clothes after January?!
Gender: A GIRL! 
Movement: She is definitely moving around lots in there. Her favorite time is 11:00 PM…right when I am trying to go to sleep!
Cravings: Pasta and tomatoes! And I keep trying to eat buffalo chicken stuff, but it just gives me horrible heartburn!
Symptoms: Still just some little things: heartburn, Braxton Hicks, pregnancy brain/clumsiness (I spilled an entire glass of water all over my nightstand last night). I have been really lucky in this second trimester and I hope that the nausea continues to stay away once I start the third trimester next week!
Workouts: 15 miles again this week! Woop, woop! I know I keep saying this, but the running is ending soon. It’s just getting too hard and my heartrate is getting a little too high. I have my glucose test on Thursday and after that, I think I’m going to switch to walking.  
Sleep: Decent…other than the gymnastics that are happening in my belly right when I’m ready to go to sleep, I haven’t had much trouble falling or staying asleep. School has worn me out this week! 
What I miss: Wine. My regular clothes. And Jersey Mike’s. 
Best moment this week: I had the most vivid dream about the baby this week. She was born right on her due date (HA!) and just came right out….labor was a breeze (HA again!). The next day, she magically turned into a 3 month old and was the cutest, sweetest thing ever! I realize this is a crazy, unrealistic dream, but it made me even more excited to meet our baby girl in just 13 weeks!
Looking forward to: Going to the doctor Thursday! Not exactly looking forward to my glucose test, or the Rhogam shot I have to get (I have a negative blood type), but I always love hearing the baby’s heartbeat and making sure she is healthy and growing in there!

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