Friday, November 1, 2013

Five on Friday!!!

It's been a while since I've linked up for Five on Friday!!!

We have been super busy's what we've been up to!

1. Two weekends ago (hello, slacker) we went to the pumpkin patch! I had wanted to go apple picking in the mountains, but seeing as we didn't get out of bed till 10:30 and it was raining, the pumpkin patch it was! 

{we don't look very happy, but I promise you, Trav was thrilled haha}

{Our pumpkin!}

2. Last weekend was the infamous black tie gala for Travis' remember, the one where I had to wear tennis shoes with my formal dress?!? Ugh. Luckily, I found this guy at Macy's for under $100 and got some cute Carolina Blue Nike Frees that I plan on wearing again (and again and again) when my feet become huge and swollen! So yay. That worked out fairly well!

3. Because I am stuck in a land of parent-teacher conferences, end of quarter grades, PDPs, PEPs, MAP data, PowerSchool, lesson planning and every other teacher-related task ever right now, I was much too lazy to carve a fun design onto our pumpkin. So we once again opted for the drill polka dots. I wanted to do an owl, but there just wasn't enough time (nor energy). Maybe next year? 

4. I wasn't too busy, however, to make this pumpkin shirt that I wore to school yesterday!!

It was super easy to make. I got it off of Pinterest (duh) and you can find the directions here!

5. We are getting the nursery painted tomorrow!! Our painter is coming bright and early and I couldn't be more excited!!! I decided on Sherwin Williams Evening Shadow. 

{stolen off a google search!}

It's a bit lighter than I was originally thinking, but because our bedroom paint color turned out so much darker than I thought it would be, I decided to err on the lighter side for this room! I hope it turns out well!! You know I'll for sure post pictures and let you know!

Have a wonderful weekend! Extra hour of sleep Saturday night...YAY!!!


  1. Reading your teacher tasks made me cringe! Hope you have time to relax!!

  2. Love the paint color and can't wait to see it! Ps we didn't carve pumpkins either and my guess is you prob won't next year with a 9 month old :)

  3. Love the way you turned the tennis shoes into a positive - such a great idea!!