Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: My First Bridal Shower!

Ohhhh hey friends. Long time, no talk! Things around here have been completely CRAY. My poor house hasn't been cleaned in forever, I'm running around trying to get ready to go away this weekend, and I'm trying to write this grant to get my classroom some iPads! 
But I'm taking a break from all of that to tell you about my shower that was this past weekend!

Kathryn did an amazing job. She literally planned the shower of the century. I mean, this girl went ALL OUT! She got my favorite salad from my favorite restaurant, made yummy pork sliders, artichoke dip, and pasta salad...and THEN, we had a frozen yogurt bar from TCBY!

{amazing hostess with the pork sliders!}

{frozen yogurt bar! it was AMAZEBALLS!}

I had so much fun seeing my family and friends, especially those who I hadn't seen in a while!
Although, can we just talk about how awkward it is to open up tons of presents in front of a bunch of people?! I was sweating profusely!!! Hahah...and let's not even talk about my facial expressions in the pictures taken while I am opening presents! (Those will not be posted...for good reason.)

Anyways, here are some of the better pics...

{everyone watching me open presents=nerve-wracking}

{school friends!}

{my aunt Nancy got me a "Happy Everything" platter! LOVE it!}

{In addition to throwing the shower of the century, this crazy girl also felt like she had to buy me something?! So she bought me a tray to have Travis bring me breakfast in bed! HA!}

{my mom got me some fab china!}

{They made me put the bow bouquet on my head! And I can't believe I am posting the picture...}

{teacher friends!}

{As a party favor, Kathryn had a BEAUTY BAR. I'm telling you, the girl went all out!}

{The Beauty Bar!}

{me with the girl I owe my 1st born child to...I'm just kidding Kathryn, but seriously, IOU big time!}

I feel so lucky and am so grateful to everyone who came and "showered" me with gifts! And I am still getting more presents in the mail!! Thanks everyone, it is much appreciated!!

{the aftermath...AKA my dining room}

Well, looks like I have my spring break project carved out for me!! When I brought everything home, Travis started unpacking it and I FREAKED out!!! 
Hahah...well now that the thank you's have been written, I think I can unpack and organize everything! Or is it bad luck to use wedding presents before the wedding? I think I heard that somewhere....

And, coming up soon....look what I got in the mail today: Ohio shower is coming up soon! I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends to throw these showers for me!!!

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  1. Omg, lets remove the pork slider hair is cray cray!