Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding Wednesday!

101 days left! It's hard to believe we will be in the double digits soon for our little countdown!!! And trust me, I am getting my butt in gear! Well kind of. Not quite there yet. But I have been busy! 

First of all, I think Travis is about to sh** his pants with all of the deliveries we've been getting lately! I have been ordering TONS of wedding stuff online! 

I ordered some toasting glasses like these:
{and why yes, of course they are Kate Spade. Do you know me?!}

And some cute forks like these:
{so we look super cute eating our cake}

 Oh yeah, I changed my guest favors from a candy bar to a cookie so:
{only blue ribbon and stuff, not red!}

Then, because I couldn't find any anywhere, I ordered some Carolina blue paper bags for people to put their cookies in. I finally put the stickers I had designed on them last night and they turned out pretty cute, I think!

And last, but certainly not least...I have started working on addressing invitations. I was not happy to go to the post office yesterday to find out my lovely invitations are now going to cost $0.65 each to mail, after I had already bought the "Forever" stamps that only cover $0.45!!! UGH! I had to buy these stupid ugly $0.20 George Washington stamps to add on...sorry George, but you don't look wedding-y at all. 

But, I was able to snazz up the envelopes a little bit by discovering clear address labels. Let me tell you, LIFESAVERS, those things! Being a teacher, I guess I have decent handwriting, but after my dear friend Kathryn had me address all 100+ of hers last year, there was no way I wanted to do that again! So...enter clear address labels-on clearance at Target no less. 

I think they look soooo good! 

{please excuse the crappy iPhone pics...I was too lazy to bust out my regular camera!}

Moving right big project this weekend is to finish up the invitations and start making some ribbon wands!!! Who wants to help?!?!


  1. are you making or buying cookies for the cookie bar?!?! Ebra's grandma made ALL the cookies for her cookie bar, and she was still making cookies AFTER the rehersal dinner!! lol but I will make a batch(in your kitchen) lol once i get to charlotte!! :)

  2. omg i love the little blue bags with that picture on it! so adorable!! only 101 days left!? crazy! u must be in crazy bride mood! haha! cute blog, i signed up! check out mine if you can!

    Xo Kelly