Thursday, October 6, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 20}

It's been another exciting week for my sweet boy! 

He just LOVES sitting with his sister and watching shows on the iPad with her!

Last Friday, my parents came in town. We went to ISC for their open gym Friday morning. I think I have mentioned it on here before, but Charlotte friends, this is my favorite "jumpy place" to take Ella. It's cheaper than the other places (only $3!) and the times they have open play are really convenient (every day from 10:30-noon). 

Lucas even got in on the fun this time! 

He was so inspired by all of the jumping that morning that we put him in his jumperoo for the first time later that day!

Friday night I went to a consignment sale with my mom. As soon as we walked in, we spotted a $10 cozy coupe! I grabbed it and set it in the holding area...I thought it would be a great Christmas present for Lucas! Anyways, 20 minutes later when my mom went to check on it, the cozy coupe was gone! The girl working the holding area said she saw an elderly couple take the cozy coupe with my name on it! What in the world. I was so irate!!!! How can people be so dishonest?! And this was at a church, too! 
Anyways, below is what I did manage to get...but still so mad about that dang cozy coupe!

Saturday afternoon, we went to a fall carnival for Lucas's hematology clinic! Even though he isn't technically a patient anymore, they invite both former and current patients, and it was really nice!

Ella got to meet Hugo the Hornet...

...decorate a pumpkin... popcorn (and ice cream!)...

...and while Lucas couldn't really do too much there, he had fun watching his sister jump in the bouncy house!

But best of all, they were having a raffle and Ella entered her name in for this bike...and she WON! We were so excited!!!!

I promise, she really loves her new bike (and matching helmet)...she was just having issues climbing off of it here, and then refused to take a better picture for me after this. Two year olds... But we are so grateful for her new bike!
This almost makes up for the stolen cozy coupe the night before!! 

Sunday we had another fun activity planned...Disney on Ice!

Of course Ella is obsessed with anything Disney so she was totally engrossed throughout the entire show. Trav also got her a program and it has become her new favorite "book."

Yesterday we met our friends at the Nature Museum! I am so excited it is finally starting to feel like fall and we can wear fall clothes!!

This would be my child trying to climb into the turtle pond. Yep. 

{and I just love my friend Chelsea's facial expression!}

These 2 girls. They are so stinkin' cute together. 
We also had a picnic lunch at the park!

Last but not least, I had Bunco last night! I won $25!!! I was SO excited!!! Ha!

These girls are the best :) We always have such a fun time!!! 

Happy {almost} Friday! 
Stay safe if Hurricane Matthew is headed your way! I hope he doesn't make a mess out of the UNC football game we are supposed to attend Saturday! 


  1. I legit gasped out loud when I read about the people stealing the cozy coupe! And my question is WHY didn't the girl stop them??!!!

  2. Y'all had a busy week! Fun seeing you last night!!

  3. ISC is where i go to church! I can't wait till T drops his morning nap and I can take him!

  4. I cannot even believe someone would steal your cozy coupe. So sad.

  5. Looks like so much fun!! The Disney on Ice looks amazing.. My little one would love that
    Chelsea @