Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Lucas's First Halloween

Just popping in to share a few photos of my sweet boy's first Halloween! 
Crazy to think last year I was barely pregnant with him (well, like 9ish weeks) and now here we are with an almost 6 month old boy! Ahhh how did that happen?! 

Since it's only your first Halloween once, Lucas got the privilege of being the subject for many photo shoots. First up, the always classic baby in a pumpkin!

Of course he was hungry!

Next, we moved on to my infamous basket that gets used for everything...this time, full of candy. (Last time it made an appearance for photos was for Lucas's newborn pics!)

On the actual day of Halloween, we had a playdate over at April's...

...and then we wore our costumes to Chipotle for some BOOrritos! 

We got home with a few minutes to spare before nap time, so we went ahead and had a quick photo shoot with costumes on!

A word about the costumes: Ella really wanted to be Marshall from Paw Patrol this year, and when we found this costume for $8 at a consignment sale, I couldn't say no. I had originally wanted her to be a Starbucks frappuccino and Lucas be a barista, but since that was now out the window, I decided to have Lucas be a firefighter to go along with his dalmatian sister. I was just going to buy his costume, but I couldn't find one in his size, plus I had mom guilt about needing to make it (I've made Ella's every year except this year!). So, I found a sweatshirt and pants here, used yellow duct tape, and then printed off a badge on sticker paper. Super easy, plus now I can just take the tape off and we have clothes he can wear all winter!

And then Lucas took a few pics with his "First Halloween" card!

After naps, I realized we had zero Halloween candy to hand out, so we made a quick trip to Target!

Then it was time for Trick or Treating! 

Please don't get me started on that Marshall pumpkin....file it under "the things we do for our children!"

We just trick-or-treated along our street...but good gracious, some of our neighbors have really elaborate Halloween decorations! Ella wanted to take a picture with Snoopy :)

Trick-or-treating wore this poor guy out!

When we got home, Lucas really wanted Ella to share her candy with him!

Then he helped look for trick-or-treaters and pass out candy!

All in all, a great first Halloween for Lucas, and a great first Halloween in our new house!

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