Thursday, November 17, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 26}

Can you believe we're halfway through these weekly posts for Lucas's first year?!? I certainly don't believe it; he's still like 3 weeks old in my mind! 

We have had the most random little week!

Some highlights: 
Paw Patrol watching you sleep (in Mommy's bathroom no less)

Being mesmerized by the Christmas lights at Target

And, fro-yo for being fantastic behavior at preschool for 4 days (2 weeks) in a row! 

On Saturday, I found out that Ella's favorite Paw Patrol pup, Marshall, was coming to a nearby mall! So of course we had to go!!!

First, we checked out the fire truck they had outside.

Lucas wasn't so sure about this whole thing...

...and he definitely didn't want to meet Marshall! Bless.

But Ella was SOOOO excited!!! She was on cloud 9. 

Personally, I thought Marshall was a little terrifying, but Ella was not scared one bit. She walked right up to him and gave him a big hug. Definitely made waiting in line for an hour (!!!) totally worth it! 

Sunday we had our family pictures taken with our wedding photographer, who is back doing photography again!!! 

As you can see above, Lucas was very cooperative and Ella was not cooperative at all. Standard. I am hoping Leslie worked her magic and got some good ones though! 

When we got home, I thought we should get out our smaller Christmas tree, since Lucas has an obsession with Christmas lights. This tree goes in the family room and has all of our "family" ornaments on it...from all of our trips and different memories (Ella's first Christmas, First Married Christmas, First Christmas in our new house, etc).

We will get our big {live} Christmas tree for the front window later in December!

We've got to get through Thanksgiving first! 

Love these turkeys!

They "helped" me tutor Monday night. And yes, Lucas had already pooped all over his turkey outfit, so he is on outfit #2 here. 

Tuesday, Lulu came with me to pack Operation Christmas Child boxes at Ella's preschool. He really liked these old VBS shirts we were putting in the boxes! 

Yesterday, we went to story and music time at our church. They have a little program every Wednesday and it is so cute. This week was about David and Goliath, and Ella was a great example of Goliath. ;)

Lucas loved that there were lots of babies his age there!

Told you it was a random week! :)
Happy almost weekend and go Panthers tonight! 

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