Thursday, November 10, 2016

Life with Lucas {week 25}

Happy Thursday friends! Time for your weekly Lucas update! :)

Last week, we finally picked up some monogramming I had done for Lucas.

Remember: if it doesn't move, monogram it! ;)

Are you wondering why there was an airplane on his shirt last Thursday?! Well, we went on a big adventure! 

First we took a bus...

...and then we got on an airplane! Two airplanes to be exact (one from CLT to Chicago, and then Chicago to San Jose, CA)! 

{shirt is from here; by the same people who made Ella's for her first flight!}

Lucas did SOOO well on both flights, especially considering we landed in California at 1 AM Eastern time! Ella stayed at home in Charlotte with my parents, and it was honestly the best decision Trav and I have ever made. She had a blast with her grandparents!
We went to California for a wedding I was in! I will do our whole trip in a separate get excited for some really pretty wedding pictures! :) 

We didn't get back until really late Sunday night (Monday morning?!)...and the airline lost one of my bags! What is it with flying to CA and losing my luggage?! (Last time we flew out there, they lost my bag on the way to San Diego!) Thankfully, we were coming home, where I had plenty of clothes and everything, and my suitcase was on our front stoop the next evening. 

Monday, I made both kids lay in bed with me until 10AM! Ha! Thank you, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! I was SOOO tired from traveling!!!
Then we had a play date!

And we had to check out the neighbor's turkey for Thanksgiving! They had a bunch of Halloween decorations out for the past month, and they always do something big for glad they didn't forget poor old Thanksgiving in the middle there! 

Tuesday, we voted!

Lucas voted for more sleep and less drool. 

So confession: this was the first time I've ever actually voted! I just registered to vote a few months ago. I know, I am a horrible American. But, better late than never, right? 

Since Ella didn't have preschool on Tuesday, we went to Sky Zone for toddler time!

And then we went to get a free cupcake (and I bought her a cake pop) because we voted!

Yesterday, I tried to stay off Facebook as much as possible (seriously America, can we not get. it. together?!?!) and Lucas played with his new toy that my parents got him while they were here watching Ella!

Yep, it's Rudolph. His nose lights up and he sings his song. So now I have "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" stuck in my head all day everyday. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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  1. I can't wait for the wedding pics because the preview looked gorgeous! PS where did they get that reindeer? MA would love it if it sings!