Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Weekend

As expected, we had a fabulous Halloween weekend!

We started off Friday with a chilly 4 mile run!

Then it was time for trick-or-treating at Daddy's office. 

The cupcake costume was not well-received by a certain someone, as I had predicted. After a little coaxing from (mostly) Travis and (slightly) myself, she kept it on and only ripped off one "sprinkle"! 

Trav's co-workers loved her costume! 

And Ella got a granola bar (probably because it was the biggest thing in the basket...but hey, also the healthiest!), so score!

Saturday morning, we did a little coloring...

...and some pumpkin carving!

That is Ella's "pumpkin face." Trav had this pumpkin beer (Magic Hat, if you are curious), and Ella would keep looking at the pumpkin on it, and imitating its face. We thought it was pretty funny, so anytime we asked Ella to make her pumpkin face, this is what she did. So naturally, we had to carve our pumpkin doing the "pumpkin face." 

Then it was time for my little cupcake to get her costume back on!

{more pumpkin face!}

We headed over to my friend's house, where they had all sorts of yummy treats, and a whole party set up in their driveway/garage.

Ella had so much fun with her friends! 

We took off her cupcake costume so she could slide (and sit, and move around...let's be honest, that thing was a little cumbersome). Well, some other kids were quite intrigued by the cupcake, and....

Womp, womp. It was pretty much done after that. 
RIP cupcake costume. Tear. 

Yesterday, we finished our fun weekend by going to the Hornets season opener!

Ella had lots of fun watching the game with her boyfriend...

...when she wasn't running around the suite!!!

The girl does not stop! She did enjoy pointing out all of the Hornets, balls, and "daddy juice" (Gatorade) that she saw around the court! 

Hope you had a great Halloween weekend, too!


  1. What a cute little cupcake! Looks like y'all had a great Halloween weekend :)

  2. So glad you came & I didn't realize the costume bit the dust! 😭