Friday, November 6, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday!

1. Is it just me or did this week draaaaagggg on forever?!? I blame the weather! Our meteorologist posted this Wednesday evening on his Facebook:

Ugh! Is that not depressing or what?! At least it was a little bit sunny yesterday...

2. Girl moms! Escape the rain and go to Carolina Place Mall! A friend of mine told me about this store that sells $2 bows! Yes, $2!!! And these are the ginormous bows that are on Smocked Auctions for like $10. (I'm pretty sure they are the 7 inch ones?)
I couldn't believe it! And guess really exists! It is a little sketchy, but right by Sears and the kids playground. 

Definitely going back next week for more colors!! 

3. I definitely want to get out our Christmas decorations soon, but I'm trying to hold off just a little bit longer... the meantime, though, we are getting in the Christmas spirit one way or another!! Santa wanted to get a run in before the busy season ;)

4. Wednesday night was Bunco time again, and I hosted! Of course, I totally failed at any sort of picture taking, except of the food. 

Ella was very interested in the rules!!

We had a great time and I walked away with a little money, so yay!

5. Tell me I'm not the only one who has heard about this?!

Target + wine = all of my dreams come true. And Trav's nightmares. Ha! I'm sure I'll make lots of good money decisions when I'm a glass or 2 deep in Tarjay! ;)

Have a good weekend!!


  1. 106 straight hours of clouds? I think that's up to like 144+ straight hours of clouds by now... I'm over it!

  2. Targets in VA have wine, but honestly not the best selection or prices. I'm a Trader Joe's wine girl :)

  3. Your little one is too cute! Love all the owl stuff!!

    Um... My target needs to get spirits and STAT!