Friday, November 13, 2015

Five on Friday!

Happy Friday! 

1. My quick oil change turned into a 4 hour, $500 ordeal (ugh, hate cars!) so Ella and I had a LOT of time to kill in Target on Wednesday!! I found this sweater, which I'm pretty sure I need.

And also found these slippers! Are they not the cutest?! They didn't have Ella's size though...don't think I won't be checking back later! 

2. After 2.5 hours in Target (seriously...but it wasn't really that hard), we still had some time to kill, so we had a little lunch date at Chick Fil A. Ella had a blast in the play area, and I was reminded I need to bring her here more thrills! 

3. I can't believe thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks! We have been fitting in the turkey outfits as much as possible...

...and also finally got to have a little photo shoot with the leaves! I was a little sad most of the leaves had fallen due to the rain, but I still got some ok ones anyway!

4. One thing I won't let sneak up on me?! Sending out Christmas cards!!! I ordered mine is the design I chose.

You'll have to stay tuned for which pictures I put on the front and back ;)

5. We are off to Chapel Hill for UNC's last home game of the season! I'm just glad it won't be rainy like last week...ugh, that was not so fun!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. I love that sweater, I think I need it too! Pity they don't have a Target where I am, the downside to living in the UK. I have already gotten the Christmas decorations down ready, watched Elf and Love Actually and have a Christmas sent burning!

  2. Thanks for some motivation to get started on my cards. Maybe this year I won't be a procrastinator!
    Have to ask? What else was wrong with the car? That is one expensive oil change!

  3. Love your leaves pictures of Ella!

  4. Ahh you're ahead of the game on cards!! And this reminds me to dress my child in turkey outfits next week!