Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Day in the Life {Part III}

It has been quite a while since I did one of these, so I figured I was long overdue for one. I saw a bunch of people posting a "day in the life" updates on Instagram a week or so ago, but of course, I missed the boat on that one. 
Anyway, I decided to document our day last Thursday! 
Get comfortable for another riveting blog post! ;) 

7:22 AM
Ella is up! She gets her milk in our bed while we have family snuggle time. 

8:14 AM
Breakfast. Usually Ella has a waffle and a banana, because it's easy. Trav also leaves us for work, and Ella waves bye to him from her high chair!

8:44 AM
Time for Ella to get dressed. I always lay out her clothes to make sure her shirt/pants/bow match before I actually put everything on her. She is super squirmy, so she never lets me change her if I don't like how something looks.

8:54 AM
Time to run! 
I usually run outside with Ella in the BOB but since it was rainy this morning, treadmill it is!

Luckily, Ella has tons of toys in the same room to keep her busy!

9:47 AM 
Run is done! Please note the gigantic mess...we'll clean it up later. Maybe.

Now it's time for me to shower, so Ella gets to watch Daniel Tiger!

We head to Sky Zone for toddler hour! We hadn't been in a quite a while due to our music class being at the same time, so Ella was super excited to be back today!

11:22 AM
All done with the "jumpy place." Look at that sweaty girl!!! Wore her out!

Time to head to a magical place...

This girl loves Target!!!! 

12:31 PM
Finally home from Target and time to unload all of our purchases.

And it's also lunchtime for Ella! Today she had a peanut butter sandwich, orange slices, cheese and an applesauce pouch. 

1:18 PM
Ella is finally down for her nap, so I can eat my lunch (some leftover Chipotle!) and catch up on reading some blogs!

2:14 PM
Time to do a little cleaning. I try and do something around the house everyday. Today was bathrooms...yay. And also I polished our wood floors because I was going to do that the day before, but didn't get to it. 

3:08 PM
She's up! And check out that bed head!!!

After Ella's nap every day, I try and read her a seasonal book from my 2048382 classroom books I have. Today we read Thanks for Thanksgiving

Ella has a quick little snack...

...and then heads to our babysitter's house!

Every Tuesday and Thursday, I tutor a little boy at his house (my other tutoring clients come to me), so that is why I have to take Ella to our baby-sitter's. 

Pick up my sweet girl and head home!

We play for a little bit (see why I haven't cleaned up that mess from earlier yet?!)...

...and then we FaceTime with my parents. Ella and I call them just about every night so they can see her since they live 4 hours away. Don't you just love technology?!

Also, my child is blurry because she was trying to hug the phone. True story.

6:38 PM
Dinner for Ella! And if you've been wondering, yes, I still take Ella's clothes off every meal. She is just so messy and now she has started ripping off her bibs! So I don't even bother with the bibs anymore, and just let her eat in her diaper!
Usually, Ella will eat whatever we are having or leftovers, but since I hadn't made dinner for Trav and I yet, Ella is having scrambled eggs....her favorite!!!

Bath time! She loves to sit on her potty while I am drawing the bath water!

Just look at that little lamb! (And yes, she's still rocking the infant-size towels...I just can't let go! Ha!)

7:13 PM
Story time! Ella has so many books, but she always manages to pick out the same 3 every. single. night.

7:20 PM
Trav is home! Ella abandons her books for flips from Daddy!

7:30 PM
Now that she's all riled up...bed time! Look how mad she is...poor girl. 

7:54 PM
I make dinner for Trav and I. Tonight I made Asian Jalapeño Chicken.

I've made it before, but it is soooo good!

8:49 PM
Trav's watching a Thursday night football game that I have absolutely ZERO interest in, so after catching up on each other's day, I start my Five on Friday post for tomorrow!

9:15 PM
Ahhhhh, the night shower. I am all about a good night shower. It's my favorite thing ever! 
(Also- I am taking showers in Ella's bathroom because our bathroom just got painted and since I take super hot showers, I am afraid of the paint peeling!)

9:38 PM
Someone is still watching the boring football game downstairs, so I decide to watch some trashy television upstairs (Kardashians...don't judge me)!

11:27 PM
Eventually, Trav comes upstairs and we hang out a little bit more before I check on Ella one last time and we go to sleep!

Whew! So that's what our days look like now with a toddler!! 
If you want to compare, here's a look at part I and part II of our day in the life posts! 

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  1. I love posts like these! I need to do one to document the craziness that is my schedule now in case I ever start to miss it when baby comes. I love that she has a daily bow as part of her outfit. Too cute!