Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Day in the Life {Part II}

I stumbled across a post I did back in July about our daily routine (or lack thereof) and I thought it might be fun do a little update. 

Well, fun for me anyway...I realize these types of posts are super boring for everyone else!

So without further ado, here is a look at our day yesterday, which was a pretty typical day!

7 AM: Ella wakes of us gets her out of her crib and I feed her. Because neither Trav nor I want to get up yet, we have family snuggles in our bed with her for an hour or so. 

8:15: Trav gets ready for work and Ella and I head downstairs for some breakfast. Usually, she has a banana and oatmeal or a waffle. As we walk downstairs, she knows it's banana time so she babbles "nanananana."

9:00: Travis has left for work (with Ella waving bye-bye from her high chair), so I get Ella cleaned up and we go back upstairs. This is when we figure out what she is going to wear that day, clean up her room a little bit and read stories.

Or yesterday...I dusted Ella's room while she pulled everything out of those bins! 
The trick here is I have to wait for her to....go #2 (sorry!) before putting her down for a nap, because otherwise she won't fall asleep. True story!

9:45: Ella takes her morning nap and I go for a run on the treadmill, shower and make the bed. 

11:15: If I am lucky, Ella will wake up now. I have not been lucky recently...she has been falling asleep around 10:30 (yes, she will play and babble in her crib for 45 minutes before wearing herself out), so I usually have to wake her up around 11:30! 

11:30: I am starting to wean, which is super exciting and sad at the same time. This is the first feeding I have Ella is now drinking a sippy cup of 1/2 cow's milk, 1/2 my milk at this time. 

11:45: Some days we play at our house, or we will go to story time or play dates with our friends during this time (usually a little bit earlier than this). Yesterday, we walked up to Harris Teeter to get some ingredients to make dinner!

12:30: Ella has lunch!

If you're wondering why she has no clothes on at every meal, it's because I take them off! She is such a messy eater, and I don't want to have to worry about her staining her clothes. I know...I am ridiculous. My mom jokes that she's going to be on a date in high school and is going to start taking her clothes off because that's what she thinks you do when you eat. 

1:15: Clean Ella off, go upstairs and feed her, and then put her down for a nap. During nap time, I run if I didn't get to that morning (like if we had a playdate or I was working at the Y). This is also when I eat my lunch and blog (hi!). I also try to do something cleaning-related and then do a little birthday party prep. Yesterday, I organized our guest bedroom closet...

{yes, our guest room closet is full of Ella's clothes...these are the ones that don't fit her anymore!}

...and watched Downton Abbey while making tissue paper pom poms.

4:00: Ella is usually up by this point, but yesterday she was not so I woke her up around 4:15 and fed her again. During this time, we usually run errands or go for a walk, but because it was so nice out, we met up with some friends at the park!

6:00: Dinner for Ella (once again, in her diaper). She usually eats leftovers or what we are eating for dinner, but since I hadn't made dinner yet and we didn't have any leftovers, she had some lunchmeat, a quesadilla, and raspberries. I try to give her some fruit or vegetable and dairy at lunch and dinner.

6:45: Bath time! I love bath time now that Ella has a bunch of fun toys...and she loves it too!!!

7:15: Get Ella in her jammies, feed her one last time and read a bedtime story. 
Goodnight, Ella!!

7:30: Make dinner for Trav and I. I try to make it before this point, but yesterday since we were at the park until almost 6:00, it didn't happen. Most nights we eat around 8:00 anyway, just because Trav has been working late and I am busy with Ella until then! Last night I made this beef and broccoli stir came together relatively quick and was delicious, too! 

8:30: I get some stuff done for my tutoring kids, work on more birthday party stuff or catch up on my emails. Sometimes, I'll lift weights and do crunches or something while I catch up on my shows. Other times, I'll just hang out with Travis and watch TV with him and see what all he needs from the store the next day ;)

11:00: I really need to go to bed earlier, but this is about what time that happens!

And there you have it....another riveting edition of what exactly I do all day! 

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  1. So fun! I love seeing other moms' schedules. I'm also impressed with how productive you are during nap time... Usually by then I just want to relax and do nothing haha!