Monday, January 26, 2015

Life with Ella {week 51}

My second to last weekly update! TEAR!!!

We had a pretty chill week, with lots of fun outside, since it was crazy warm most of the week!!

Monday, we met Palmer and Mallery at the park (sadly, no pics) and then stopped at Whole Foods on our way home! Ella offered to pick up the tab for me ;)

She also tried raspberries for the first doesn't look like it, but I promise she liked them!

Tuesday has already been recapped for you here, but in case you missed it, some highlights:

First taste of cow's milk!

And another trip to the park with our sweet friends!

Wednesday, Ella got into my tutoring stuff and had quite a time practicing her multiplication facts.

{romper  / bow}

Thursday, we finally made it back to story time!! Each time we go, Ella is more and more engaged in what's going on, and as a teacher, it is SO fun for me to watch her!

{dress / bow}

Look at all those germs toys!!

Ella kept stealing this particular toy away from some poor boy. We really need to teach her to share at some point.

Friday, I ran a few errands while Ella stayed home with Travis. He kept sending me pictures of her doing her newest trick...climbing the stairs! Looks like we need to get a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs now. 

Saturday we didn't do too much, just played and watched Ella climb up the stairs about 103 times. 

{romper / tab}

Yesterday, we kept her contained in a box ;)

And we were also able to get some more time outside!!

I am loving that it has been so warm lately....but once I go back to school, I will welcome any and ALL snow days so I can stay home with my girl! 
Can't promise this upcoming week will be the most interesting to read about next Monday; I'm going to be at school for a few hours each day this week "shadowing" my sub. The irony of this is not lost on me. 
Hopefully, I can still get in some quality time with my favorite 11 month old though! 
Have a great week!


  1. The weather has been amaaaazing lately! It has definitely perked up our moods! And yes...the stairs. What a *fun* phase! I promise the novelty will eventually wear off!