Monday, January 5, 2015

Life with Ella {week 48}

{Moving so fast, she has no hands!}

I'm happy to report that we are all feeling much better (although my left eye is really red and I hope it's allergies and not pink eye!), but here is a look back at our somewhat sickly week!

Monday, I finally took Ella to the doctor since her fever had still not gone away. He told us she had an ear infection. Poor girl!

Tuesday, after getting some antibiotics in her, Ella was feeling much better. We took down the Christmas tree, had our house cleaned by the cleaning ladies and were able to move Ella's toys back into the living room! Please note the poor bitty baby on the floor. 

We also went to the fabric store to get tulle so I could make her birthday tutu!

Wednesday we went to lunch with my friend Caitlin and her baby Frankie!

We also made a quick trip to the mall to return a few more Christmas presents. I was slightly obsessed with looking down at Ella's shoes.

And then, what do you know?! It was New Year's Eve! Ella was not very excited about it.

My NYE was super cool. I watched the ball drop with a glass of wine, while make Ella's tutu. I know you're jealous!

On New Year's Day, Ella decided for 2015 she wanted to work out more ;)

And then we went over to our friends' house. Ella got to hang with her boyfriend, Rhys!

(He is giving her a kiss in the bottom picture...headbutting is his way of kissing haha)

On Friday, we read some books...

...and wished Trav's mom a happy birthday!

We also did some birthday crafting while eating dinner. Multi-tasking at its finest. 

This weekend was so yucky we stayed home pretty much the whole time and relaxed! We watched the Panthers play on Saturday... stuck in the car a few times...

...played in huge tubs that I bought for her old toys (how has she already outgrown so many things?!)....

...and pulled out everything from the kitchen cabinets!

Have a great first week of 2015!!! :)


  1. She's getting so big! Cannot believe you're gonna be celebrating her birthday in a few weeks!