Monday, January 19, 2015

Life with Ella {week 50}

Can we just talk for a sec about how I've been doing this for 50 whole weeks?!? Holy moly...only 2 more weeks to go!! ;(

Last Monday, we reorganized the panty.

Tuesday, we finally made it to get Ella's second flu shot. We had to keep rescheduling it because she was sick! So now that like 80% of America has gotten the flu, Ella is now "immune" (in quotes because I heard this year's flu shot is only 23% effective!). 

Ella also decided she wanted to go for a run on the treadmill (don't worry, I didn't turn it on)!

Wednesday, we hung out around the house and played all morning....

...and then played more at the YMCA that afternoon!

Thursday morning, we met up with some friends at Discovery Place. They had a little section for babies, so Ella got to play with her friends in there!

She LOVED the mirrors!

Friday, we decided to be twinsies (although I did change my shirt before we went out in public, didn't want people to judge!)

I also got Ella's pictures back from her birthday photo shoot, so we were able to order her invitations and send those out!! Yay! (I posted a few of the pics on Friday if you missed them!)

Saturday, Trav was not feeling well, so Ella tried to make him feel better. 

We also ran a bunch of errands and got some good deals! The Bath and Body Works Sale was going on so I got a few of those 3 wick candles for only $9...then I found a Lilly Pulitzer cardigan at Kid to Kid for only $4! Last stop was Joann Fabrics for, you guessed it, more birthday party supplies. It was Teacher Appreciation Weekend so I got 25% off my total purchase! 

Yesterday, Ella is slowly starting to love like her Bitty Baby! She still throws her on the floor, but look at her giving the baby a hug! Making progress!

We also got a visit from the Callesen girls from Ohio! They stopped by on their way home from looking at Clemson for Emma.

I don't know what the weather is like today where you are, but here in Charlotte it is sunny and in the 60s! You better believe we are about to hit up the park as soon as Ella wakes up from her nap! 


  1. Loved those birthday pics. So sweet. What great luck at K2K!!!

  2. Such a cutie! I love how she's rocking her FP moccs! Too cute!! I've been wondering what you would do after Ella turns one. Monthly updates? Way to go on 50 weekly updates!! :)

  3. I love these! The idea of weekly updates are awesome because my can they change so much in a week! Happy almost Birthday!!