Monday, May 22, 2017

Lucas's Birthday Weekend!

We had quite the weekend celebrating our big 1 year old boy! 

Friday was the big day, so he woke up to the traditional "balloons in the crib" on this birthday morning!

(Actually, I really threw them in there as soon as I heard him on the monitor, but before I pulled him out of the crib! Don't worry, he didn't sleep with a crib full of balloons!) 

For our fun event that day, we went to Lazy 5 Ranch! I've only been to Lazy 5 on field trips when I was teaching, so this was a whole new experience for me! I thought if you weren't with a school group, you could still ride on a wagon through the park...but when we got there (at 10 AM), the next wagon ride for the public wasn't until 3:15 PM! So we drove my car through instead. Honestly, I kind of liked it better, because we could go at our own pace and we were in the nice air conditioning of my car (it was like 90* outside!). But I will say, now my car is a complete disaster, both inside (animal food everywhere) and out (animal slobber...ew!). 

Anyway, if you're not familiar with Lazy 5, it's basically like a drive-thru petting zoo, more or less. My dad drove my car, while I held Lucas in the front seat (we were literally going no more than 5 mph the entire time, and if he had been in the wagon, it would have been a similar set-up anyway). Ella was in the back with my mom. 

Ella was super into it until these freaky birds kept sticking their heads in my car!

Scary, right?!?! Within 5 minutes of us being there, Ella was screaming, "I want to go home now!!!! I want to eat dinner!!!"

Lucas wasn't so sure about it either, especially since a goat freaked him out and tried to eat his hand. Whoops, happy birthday!

Thankfully, we were able to roll the windows up and get away from the scary emus and aggressive goats (Oh, and a zebra bit my mom, too! We were not off to a good start!). The next animals we saw were llamas and some other, tamer creatures, so everyone did much better!

Lucas was still a little unsure about the giraffes!

We also saw some teeny tiny little baby pigs!

All in all, it was a very fun time, even though we had a rough patch there in the beginning! Ella is already asking to go back and ride the wagon next time!

After naps, we went to Costco to get food for Lucas's party! Doesn't Lulu look so excited?!

He also had a really gourmet dinner of a peanut butter sandwich...but we put a candle in it and sang to him! I just didn't want him to have a bunch of cake 2 days in a row! 

After we put our sweet 1 year old boy to bed, Trav and I took advantage of our free babysitters (thanks, Mom and Dad!) and went out to dinner! We have not had a date night in forever, so it was great to get some time for just the 2 of us! 

I promise Travis was more excited about it than he looks here!

Saturday morning, we had an exciting event! No, not Lucas's party yet...we had to see Marshall from Paw Patrol at the cupcake shop! Ella had been talking about this for weeks. She wanted to wear her fleece Marshall costume from Halloween, but since it was like 92*, we had to pick out something else. She chose this shirt because it had spots on it, like Marshall! 

First the kids got to decorate some cupcakes. Ella was more interested in the frosting than the actual cupcake though. She even put it in her empty cupcake liner...because, hey, let's not be wasteful, right?!

Then Marshall arrived and all the kids got to take pictures with him!

They also read a Paw Patrol/Marshall story, during which Marshall sat right next to Ella and kept putting his arm around her! She was on cloud 9! 

The last thing was a game kind of like musical chairs, except when the music stopped, they got to "join Marshall's fire crew," and get a sticker. It doesn't take much to make a 3 year old happy, right?! 

Such a fun morning with our favorite Paw Patrol pup!

Saturday afternoon was Lucas's party, which will be a separate post! I am waiting to get pics back from our photographer, so I will share as soon as I do!

Sunday, we opened Lucas's presents! He wasn't so sure about this hat from Papa and Grandma, but he does love that Ramses! (Plus, it's monogrammed on the back! Of course it is. Love!)

I had asked for people to donate to the NICU where Lucas stayed last year, as well as the clinic where he received his 3rd blood transfusion and follow up care, in honor of his birthday...but you know some people just had to buy him gifts! 😉

Although, I will say that we are so grateful to our friends, both those who donated AND those who got him presents! Any way to celebrate the birthday boy is ok by me! :)

Not one to be left out, Ella is currently enjoying pretty much all of Lucas's new toys more than he is. 

And that's a look at our weekend with our new one year old guy!! I went to bed last night at 9:45 because I was so exhausted from the past 3 days! 

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