Thursday, May 11, 2017

Life with Lucas {week 51}

Can you believe we have just one more week of these posts?! Crazy!!! (Also, what am I going to blog about?!)

Last Thursday, Lucas came with me to my annual OB times. He charmed everyone in the office. 

Friday, we went to the Britax headquarters for a car seat check. I wanted to make sure I had installed both car seats correctly, since I had just switched everyone around less than a month ago. 

Good news: I passed! Everyone's car seat was correctly installed! 

After that, we took the always epic trip to Hobby Lobby for birthday party supplies. 

Hobby Lobby is like maybe 20/25 minutes away, but it feels like it's in another country, haha. 

Saturday morning, we went to Ella's gymnastics show!

We were supposed to go to the show that was earlier in the week, but since she was sick, we didn't make it until Saturday. 

Ella did such a good job! We are so proud of her!

On Sunday, Ella's super fun weekend continued when we went to a baseball game...they had princesses there! 
She met Belle...


...and of course, Elsa!

Elsa still remains her #1 princess by a long shot, but she is starting to like Belle more too. 

Anyways, it was a perfect day for a baseball game. 

We even attempted a family picture, but that was clearly a big fail. 

After the game, Ella got to run the bases with Daddy. She loved it! The best part was that she got a free water bottle that semi-melted in the dishwasher. 😐

Monday morning, both kids had their first meal at our new table!! We had to wait for the top coat to dry, so that's why we hadn't eaten off of it till now. 

We had Ella's last gymnastics class that morning, and it was open gym so Lucas got to play, too!

Afterwards, we went to Target to pick up a birthday present, which was the worst idea in the history of ever. I should have just Amazon Primed something, but I thought Ella might want to pick something out for her friend. We were literally in the toy section of Target for a solid 30+ minutes. Here is Lucas sharing my same sentiment about the whole process:

Tuesday was story time at the library. Bubbles kept landing on Lucas's forehead and it just made me laugh. 

Yesterday, we went back to the strawberry patch! We just can't stay away. The berries just taste SO much better than the ones at the grocery store!

This was pretty typical of our morning at the farm: Lucas kept trying to eat ALL. OF. THE. STRAWBERRIES. And Ella tried her hardest to stop him. 

This was my poor child after I put our basket of berries in the stroller so he couldn't eat any more. Bless.

Also at the strawberry patch, they have a little play area with this thing:

Ella is obsessed with it, because in one of her Paw Patrol books, Rubble is playing this same game (of course he is). So she wants to be like Rubble and play with the ball every single time we go to the strawberry patch. 

Are you ready for Lucas's birthday week?! I'm not!! How is my sweet boy almost 1?!?!?! 😭

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