Friday, April 5, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 32}

Happy Friday! 
Here's what we've been up to this week!


Last Friday we spent ALL morning at the car place. Blah. You may remember that my a/c is not working in my car, so we took it in a few weeks ago so they could put dye in to see where it was leaking. Well, now we had to go back so they could "read" the dye. And guess what? Apparently it's a GM issue, so they referred me to a dealership. So now I still have NO a/c in my car and I have to go waste more hours of my life at yet another car place! UGHHHH I hate cars so much!

Bennett also hated his life there.

But at the least the other 2 were kept occupied by their tablets!!

Since we had been cooped up inside all morning, we played outside all afternoon!

Me: "Ella, take a pic of me and Bennett going down the slide!"

Nailed it. Thanks, El.

We still haven't finished putting together Bennett's cozy coupe, so he can just ride in his brother's for the time being!


Another week of soccer!

This was one of the first weeks that Bennett didn't totally lose his mind in the stroller! I turned him so he could watch Lucas play and he actually enjoyed it!

The kids always beg us to play on the playground right next to the soccer field every week, so since it was so nice out, we finally let them play after soccer!

After nap, it was more outside time!

The kids also requested to eat dinner outside!


Ella and I went to the Princess Tea that the Y dance department (where Ella takes dance lessons) puts on every year!

We came home to a bunch of boys watching a bunch of basketball.
(Yes my husband was so sad about UNC losing on Friday night! But Dook losing Sunday helped ease his pain!)


We don't wear Well Dressed Wolf often ever to preschool...but I broke my own rule this day because it was picture day! Ella took the cutest pictures in her graduation cap! 

Don't worry, grandparents and great-grandparents, I ordered enough for all of you :) 

Lucas decided to drive Bennett and me to Target... (Kidding! Although he would have if, you know, he could reach the pedals and it was legal and all)

Bennett finally got his own set of bunny ears!

And Lucas tried to convince me to buy these sunglasses for him. 


We opened our garage door to see...SNOW??!?! It was April 2!!! I thought I was back in Ohio for a second. It was the strangest thing!!!

Lucas wasn't too sure about it either.

And Bennett wanted to catch a snowflake on his tongue!

Snow in April...crazy!!!!

We braved the snow (don't worry the roads were clear!) for a weight check for Bennett.

He clearly had a blast.
He's up to 14 pounds, 7 ounces, but still in that 1st percentile for weight, so we will continue to monitor him and feed him as much as possible! I wish I was in the first percentile for weight, just saying...


We had another doctor's appointment!
This time for me; my annual exam. Good times all around.
Bennett straight up LOST his mind in the exam room, but my new OB (who I just LOVE, thank you April for the rec!) was super understanding and we both tried to console him as much as possible!

Lucas enjoyed the light. And the stirrups. I'm sure this is super appropriate, haha.

I asked Lucas where he wanted to go after my appointment, and he quickly told me "Bookstore and play choo choos!" So that is where we went!

We picked Ella up from preschool and went up to the elementary school to turn in her registration paperwork for Kindergarten!!! How?!?! Why?!?! Wasn't she just born?!?!


I found these matching outfits on a local Facebook group, so of course I had to take their picture!

Their first brother set, without Ella matching too! It was strange to take a picture of just the boys matching!!

Thursday morning, Lucas slept in like WHOA. I had to wake him up at 8:57 so we could take Ella to preschool at 9! Since he missed his usual toothbrushing time with Daddy that morning, I had him brush once we got home from preschool drop off. He walked right over and put his leg up like Travis always does when he's brushing his teeth! Like father, like son!

We also played at Ella's preschool playground after we picked her up because it was so nice outside!

And that's a wrap on another week here! Hope you have the best weekend! 

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