Friday, April 12, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 33}

Happy Friday!

It has been a looooong week for us over here! We had things going on pretty much every day, but a lot of it was unfortunately not that fun! And on top of that, poor little Bennett has been sick! We are pretty sure he just has some gross virus, but his symptoms included: low-grade fever, runny nose, cough, eye gunk (clear/yellow), not eating much, fussy...poor guy! It has not been fun, but I'm happy to say he's feeling much better today!

Looking back at happier times, haha! Before he got sick...


Bennett has finally figured out how to pull Ella's hair! Funny enough, she doesn't get as mad at him as she does when Lucas pulls her hair....

I got some of my workbooks out for Ella to start focusing on word families! We made a mini book on the -at family using this book, and then did a Making Words activity from this book! She loved both and has been requesting to do them again with other word families! I'm just glad I saved some of my teaching stuff! 


"Soccahh teeeeeem!" 
He's so proud of his airplane move!

That afternoon, it was GORGEOUS out! Trav had to go in to work, so I took the kids to a nearby playground for some fresh air!


This was the day Bennett started feeling yucky. You can tell in the picture below he doesn't look 100%.

But....we had to go to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt!!!

Lucas was beyond excited to wear his dump truck Easter egg shirt! Like, seriously. He had been asking to wear it every day!

He was a pro at finding eggs and even found a few for Bennett!

Bennett appreciated it, I think?

Next up was Ella's turn! I am so glad our neighborhood does different ages at different times!

She found lots of eggs, too!

They had lots of fun activities there besides the egg hunts! Ella got her face painted...

...and they also had a petting zoo!

My kids got to go in (well, just Ella and Lucas! Trav stayed with Bennett!) and they were on cloud 9!

Lucas kept calling the llama a "camel" HA!


The boys and I went to the library while Ella was at preschool!

Big hits from this visit include The Cars and Trucks Book and The Usborne Big Book of Machines. Lucas LOVES loves loves loves to read!

And do you know who else loves to read?! And actually CAN read all by herself?! This girl!

She picked up that Hop on Pop book Monday night and just started reading it! I had NO idea she could legit read like that!!! I was so amazed at my new READER girl!!! 


If you've been following along on my car a/c saga, where we last left off, I was referred to a GM dealership because my issue was covered under a special GM policy. So on Tuesday, we took my car to the dealership and THANKFULLY (!!!!!) they gave me a loaner car with 3 rows (again, YAY!!!!) so we didn't have to sit up there all day. Bennett was not sure about it, but he was full-blown not feeling good at all on this day. Bless. 

We took our new loaner car to....

...where else but Target?! We had to get some medicine/Boogie wipes/saline drops for Bennett. 
But first, another sunglasses try-on session!

Bennett felt a little bit better once we got home and put all of our new supplies to use! Bless him, he is just always smiling, even when he feels like crap. Seriously, he is just the sweetest boy!


My car was ready so we returned the loaner car to the dealership! They had a bunch of construction vehicles next to the dealership and Lucas was in complete heaven!!!

We picked Ella up from preschool and it was so nice out that I let the kids play at her preschool playground for a bit before nap time. 

That afternoon, Ella got her recital costume at dance!!!

It is even prettier in person (and without her blue leotard underneath)! 


This girl was super excited for her Easter egg hunt at school!

The boys and I had another important thing to do....get my hair colored!!!

So, I have only colored my hair one time, which was in college using one of those boxes of semi-permanent hair dye! But my gray hairs are out of control (thank you, Lucas) so here we are. I usually get my hair done on the weekends, but since Trav had to work the weekend prior and I desperately needed my grays covered, I just brought both boys with me. And it was actually fine! Bennett sat in my lap the whole time, and Lucas was very entertained by his tablet:

Last night, my allergies started getting crazy intense and Bennett's coughing was pretty bad, so we had a little steaming party in the kids' bathroom!

Ella was thrilled

The good news is that Bennett is finally starting to feel better!!! The bad news is that now my allergies have hit me full force. I haven't had a voice for the past 2 days (which is why I haven't called you back yet, Grandma!)!! Ugh! Ready to be done with ALL of the illnesses right this second! 

As for this weekend, we had a bunch of Easter egg hunts planned, but it's supposed to rain all weekend!! I'm hoping it stays kinda dry and we are able to do at least one! 

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  1. This is very random, but can you share what hair products you use on Ella? My little girl has very similar hair and I swear it always looks wild.