Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Bennett's First Easter

Bennett had a wonderful first Easter!! I was worried he was going to still be sick, but thankfully those meds started working Friday and he was back to 100% by Sunday!

We kicked off our Easter weekend on Friday with a trip to see the Easter Bunny at the mall!
I couldn't believe Lucas actually semi-cooperated for a picture!

Semi-cooperated, guys. As in, not smiling. But looking at the camera! I will take what I can get with him!

For whatever reason, he was NOT into the mall bunny this year!! This was as close as we could get him to sit! 

When we got home, we changed out of our Easter outfits and dyed eggs!

Bennett was a great helper!

Saturday morning, I had to work at the Y, but as soon as I got home, we changed the kids yet again into their Easter outfits...this time, to see the bunny at Black Lion!

Lucas liked this bunny much more!!

We also had some free time that afternoon, so I took advantage of it by doing the infamous egg basket pictures for Bennett! If you are new here, I enjoy torturing placing my babies in a big basket with Easter eggs and taking a few dozen pictures! Ella's definitely turned out the best, and Lucas was the most uncooperative (shocking on both accounts), and Bennett's were somewhere in between! 

After a few minutes, he realized he was OVER this basket!

But then, I sat him up and he really liked that! Seriously! He could have sat in that basket all day!!! 

Sunday was of course Easter and first thing in the morning, we did Easter baskets!

I never did a separate Easter basket post, but here's a run down of what all 3 kids got in their baskets:

*Beach towels: Ella | Lucas | Bennett
*Swimsuits: Ella | Lucas | Bennett (I had these and the towels also monogrammed by a local girl!)
*Summer shoes: Ella | Lucas | Bennett
*Zoo print shorts: From a local girl! They turned out SO cute!
*T-shirts: Ellas | Lucas | Bennett
*Activity books: Ella | Lucas | Bennett

Plus a Peppa Pig egg (with a Peppa character inside) and some candy in each basket! 

Oh and Bennett got Puffs!!!

Then, we went to church!
They were handing out flowers to put on the cross, and Ella picked out some that perfectly matched her dress!

After the service, there was a butterfly release. Fun fact: Lucas is TERRIFIED of butterflies! It might be the only thing in the whole world he is actually afraid of!

He was like nope, get that thing away from me, Dad!

Ella meanwhile, loved the butterflies and tried to get them all to land on her hand.

After a quick picture by the cross that we all helped to decorate, we headed home...

...where I subjected my kids to more picture taking with the egg basket! Ha!

I also tried to get them to take a picture with their Easter baskets, but Lucas thought playing with the crinkle paper inside of it was more fun!

Bennett had his first taste of puffs and he was a big fan!!!

Ella also finished up all of her Easter-related activities, like making this egg from her teacher at church...

...and put the finishing touches on our Easter eggs!

So many stickers and glitter. Yay. 

We spent the rest of the day watching golf, playing with our new and old toys and eating a yummy meal made by Travis!

It was a wonderful first Easter for Bennett, especially since he wasn't sick anymore! Hallelujah!