Friday, March 29, 2019

Life with Bennett {week 31}

Happy Friday! Unfortunately, Bennett wasn't able to bring any luck to the Tar Heels with his super preppy outfit today; they just lost. And there goes the rest of my bracket...womp womp.

Here's a look back at our past week!


I had a super cute helper for tutoring that morning!

And that afternoon, we went to our friends' house to watch movies and eat pizza!

Bennett enjoyed their jumperoo!

And I found Ella like this when I went to tuck her in that night. With all of her "guys" lined up just so. Oh and you can't miss the sleeping mask! She cracks me up!


Yay for soccer!

We watched a LOT of basketball!

And played outside, since it was so nice out!


Ella requested to go to the "fancy church where the consignment sale was," this week, so that's what we did! (Myers Park Pres for those of you who are curious!) I was so proud of her for being super well-behaved during the service and drawing lots of pretty pictures!

After church, she wanted to take pictures everywhere because "everything is so pretty here!" (This is 15-20 minutes from our house...Ella acted like we were in a different country, lol!) 

When we got home, Ella wanted to put her bow on Bennett, just to see what he would look like. I think he looks ridiculous but Ella thought he was so pretty, ha!


Time for another run in the double BOB with both boys!

Lucas's life was made by seeing a fire truck ("with flashing flashing lights!") drive by, coming into our neighborhood! And then we saw it leaving our neighborhood when we were running back home! We also saw an ambulance! No idea what was going on, but Lucas sure was excited!!!
Bennett was underwhelmed by the whole situation. 

It had been a few days since our last Target run, so we stopped there to get a few things. Lucas wanted to wear this hat "like Blippi!" 

Yes, he finally discovered Blippi and he is obsessed with that guy now!! Help me. I now have the garbage truck song and the excavator song in my head all day long!

We also put together Bennett's jumperoo for the bonus room, finally! He liked it!


It was melt-down city in Home Goods. 

Some nice lady in the check-out line gave Lucas this crane truck to keep him from crying. Guess who's a huge sucker and ended up just buying it for him?! Good thing it was only $8!

Lucas is now attached at the hip to this darn crane truck!!! 


We met our friends at the jumpy place!

These sweet boys. I can't believe they will be jumping around like their big brothers before we know it!

My friend Chelsea also made Lucas a bulldozer for his birthday party (ya know, in 2 months, ha!)...and he is totally obsessed with it! Thanks Chels Bells!


One of my friends was selling ALL of her kids' old clothes...and because her kids just might be the best dressed in all of Charlotte, we had to check it out! Lucas got into absolutely no trouble at all at her house.... ;) 

And then the trouble continued...we picked Ella up from school and I let both kids play on her preschool playground for a minute since it was so nice out! Guess who took off his shoes no fewer than 6 times while we were there?! 

At least these sweet girls played nicely!

Little Bennett is becoming more and more on the move!  He was trying to crawl toward this book!

...and also now he is starting to do this during diaper changes! Ugh. Looks like I will be moving that!

Last night, Ella had Spring Sing at preschool! This was the best picture I got of her the whole time :(

Bennett thoroughly enjoyed eating my hand during the entire performance!

While Lucas kept yelling out "Hi Goo! Hey Goo!!!" (He calls her Goo and we have absolutely no clue why!)

After the show, we got pizza and had a picnic with the rest of her preschool on the playground.

Yes, the same playground we had just been on a few hours prior! And don't worry, Lucas took his shoes off 96 times yet again. Time to switch him over to the Saltwater sandals that he doesn't know how to unbuckle! Ha! 

Have a great weekend!!

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