Monday, March 25, 2019

Bennett Michael {7 months}

Dear Bennett,

Yesterday you turned 7 months old!!! I absolutely HATE the number 7, but I gotta say, this is one of my most favorite ages! You are getting to be SO much fun!! And the fact that you are the cutest thing under the sun doesn't hurt either! Let's take a look at what you've been up to this month!

Head circumference:

You actually have a weight check/second flu shot appointment next week, so I will update these stats then, since I was wayyyy off on your 5 month update (our scale sucks)!

Clothes: You are comfortably wearing 6 month clothes, but you can definitely rock a few 9 month things in a few brands that run small (Ralph Lauren, Kissy Kissy). You are also (finally!) in 6 month pajamas! The onesie you are wearing in these pictures is 3 months, but I probably should have put you in a 6 month one ;) Still wearing size 2 diapers.

Nicknames: Ben, Ben Ben, Benito, Little B, Little Bean, Benny, Benny Ben, Sweetest Boy, Big Guy, Lucas still calls you "Baby Bin-it!" while Ella prefers "Benny"

Milestones: You can roll both ways now (back to belly and belly to back)!! And let me tell you, you can MOVE! I will put you down on your play mat, and 5 minutes later, you are across the room (or under the couch, ha)! Now that you've mastered rolling, you love to sleep on your tummy and you roll all over your crib. Every morning I wonder where in that crib I will find you because it sure won't be in the same spot where I put you down the night before! You've scootched yourself backwards a few times and you so badly want to crawl. I am almost 99% you're teething because everything goes in the mouth and you are suuuuper drooly, but I haven't felt any teeth just yet! Your babbling is becoming more "word-like," and I swear I've heard you say "Ella" and "Mama." You also like to say "mmmmm" and "bbbbb" a lot!

Sleep: Honestly, I'd give you a B+ right now! You are sleeping pretty great! (Now watch me jinx it by typing that!) Saturday night you slept almost 13 hours straight, and even DADDY didn't hear you (he usually hears every little sound you make)! You still wake up occasionally, but you are able to soothe yourself back to sleep, which we are so thankful for! Naps are awesome, but we are entering the stage of being in "morning nap jail." If you don't get your morning nap, you are a NIGHTMARE (love ya, mean it!), so most days we have to be home between 9:30 and 11 AM so you can nap in your crib. Afternoon naps are easier because your older siblings are napping, too and you sleep from 2ish until 4ish and sometimes even 5 PM! 

Best Moment: Feeding you food for the first time, watching you swing for the first time, celebrating your first St. Patrick's Day/Selection Sunday

Worst Moment: Whenever you don't get a good morning nap and you just cry/scream/cryyyyy. 

Likes: Ceiling fans, your feet (new discovery this month!), your hands (especially your middle and ring fingers), your big brother and sister, this teether, this musical toy, watching sports on TV with Daddy (golf is your fav!), Baby Mum Mums, being held, tickling you under your arms, baths, people smiling at you

{see?! you LOVE your feet!}

Dislikes: Being tired/skipping naps, being hungry

Health: You had a little bit of a runny nose off and on this month, but other than that you are totally healthy!

Eating: This was a big one this month! You tried real food for the first time on March 1 and you absolutely LOVE to eat! You get very excited when we put you in the highchair and walk toward you with baby food! So far you've had: bananas, avocados, pears, butternut squash, prunes, carrots, apples and pumpkin. You liked all of it, but LOVED pears the most and liked avocados probably the least. Just like your big brother, now that you've started solids, your poop situation is a little...backed up shall we say? But thanks to Lucas, at least I know what to do now! And I will say your issues don't seem to be quite as bad as his were (yet, anyway). Prunes and pears will be making a regular appearance in your meals so I'm glad you like them! ;)
You are still nursing every 2.5 to 3 hours, but you are kinda over it. I'm hoping your lack of interest doesn't effect my supply because you refuse bottles so if we had to go to formula, I'm not sure what you would do! You have fallen off the growth curve slightly so that is one reason we are going back to the doctor next week! Let's hope your nursing improves soon!! Stay focused, buddy! Don't get distracted! 

Ben Ben, we are so glad you've been part of our family for 7 whole months now!!! You seem to act as if you're saying, "Hi! I'm Bennett! I'm just happy to be here!" and we are SO happy to have you here as well!! People are always commenting about how adorable you are, and how sweet and happy you act (well unless you skipped your morning nap...)! We just can't get enough of you as more and more of your personality shows! You are the sweetest little peanut and we are so lucky you're ours!!!

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