Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

I spent the weekend in Virginia with my padres for Mother's Day!!!
We actually had a lot of fun!!!

Friday, I went to see my mom's sports masseuse guy, Dennis. He fixed my hamstring and my knee so I can run again! Yay!!

Then, my mom and I went to her friend, Pam's house. Pam lives in a gorgeous old farm house on like 90 acres!! It is so, so, so pretty! I tried to convince her that she should have weddings here!!

I mean, is this place not a wedding venue?!?!?

Plus, she all of these gorgeous flowers if you got married here, you could almost pick your own bouquet!


Unfortunately, I did not take any pics inside, which was equally as exquisite. This house was straight out of Pinterest, and I loved it!

After that, my parents took me to a new restuarant called The Fishin' Pig
Don't know if they got the memo that I don't like bacon though....

I know, I know, how can I not like bacon?! 
As tempted as I was to get my "favorite" sandwich, I opted for yummy fish tacos (with no bacon) instead!

{and yes, a side of mac&cheese...obvi}

{my mom and I at dinner}

Afterwards, we went to get fro-yo! Since Mom and Dad were paying (and I can run again!), I loaded up on the toppings...whoops, a little overboard on the chocolate!

We spent the rest of the evening drinking wine....

...and getting Tom and Sue addicted to Downton Abbey! 

My dad's already hooked, my mom not so much...she needs to watch a few more episodes, I think!

On Saturday, my mom and I went to Williamsburg to do some outlet shopping!

I was super excited because there was a Kate Spade outlet and it definitely did not disappoint!!!

Every store seemed to be giving teacher discounts (15%!!!), so in addition to buying some stuff for my mom, I also let her use my discount for part of her mother's day present!! 

After the outlets, we headed back toward Richmond and went to Short Pump

My mom went and got her hair did while I shopped some more!

Then, we stopped at Diamonds Direct (yay, there is finally one in Richmond now!!!). My mom and dad's 30th wedding anniversary is coming up in August and my mom NEEDS an engagement ring upgrade in a major way!!! So, I took matters into my own hands and basically dragged her into the store. This is the ring she found and loved the most!

Her thoughts on this picture: 
Oh, my hand are so wrinkly! I don't want Dad to spend all this money. I don't deserve this. Can I wear it to work where I am constantly washing my hands? Doesn't it look silly with my yellow gold band?

 Can we all please tell her she is ridiculous?!??! Obvi, my dad needs to get this ring ASAP, her hands are not that wrinkly, and I personally think it looks baller with her yellow gold band! 
What do you think??

Anyways, after that excitement, we finished off our day by going to Tom Leonard's, which is kind of like Trader Joe's, except that it's only in Richmond and they have these crazy animals (like the ones at Chuck E Cheese that I used to be terrified of) that sing and dance every 5 minutes. Pretty exciting stuff for grocery shopping, let me tell you. 

We also saw the real Tom Leonard. Who knew he was an actual living person?! Cray cray.

Here we are with all of our purchases from the day! 

We spent the rest of the evening looking through my mom's diaries that she kept while she was pregnant with both me and my brother. They were hilarious!!!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!! Thanks for a fun weekend (Dad, too)!!!! 

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