Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cray Cray Weekend

OMG! This weekend was so absolutely busy, I am still recovering from it (and writing about it two days late)!!

Friday night, we had the rehearsal dinner for Nick and Andrea's wedding. Travis was in the wedding party, so we got to go to their fancy RD at Mimosa Grill uptown!

Please note that I am wearing this super summery dress and it was, ohhhh like 65 degrees. WTF Charlotte.?! It's May. Since I had already planned on wearing this dress, I threw a cardigan on and looked like I was ready to board my yacht. Whatevs. 

Of course, they had some super cute decorations...

{I am still not understanding the masks...but please note the awkward kid pics of Nick and Andrea that were at every table! So funny! :)}

And of course the food was amazing! I had ceviche...

and then lobster and crab ravioli, and peach cobbler for dessert!

Everyone decided to give speeches (including Travis!!!!!!! He never talks!) and so it turned into quite a lengthy evening. We didn't get home until 12! Which would have been fine, had I been able to sleep in on Saturday....

But I did not. 
I had the Girls on the Run 5K! 

Which meant waking up at 6AM! YAY! :/

I think I may have mentioned on here that I've been coaching GOTR for the past 10 weeks for girls in grades 3-5 at my school. It's been a lot of fun, and this was the culminating event!

{me with my co-coach Amber!}

{Sorry, I'm pretty sure I can't put the girls' pics on the internet, so I had to blur out their faces...but look at all of the *awesome* teachers from my school who got up early on a Saturday to run with us!}

Each girl had to run with an adult, which turned out to be a really good idea since there were so many people there! I got to run with one of our sweet 4th grade girls who is quite the talker! I may have met my match, haha! We chatted the whole run (it took us an hour to run/walk this 5K...yes, 20 minutes slower than my 10K, but it's cool) and she told me this was something she would remember forever! So sweet!

Since we were taking our time just a little bit, I actually got to take pictures along the route, which I've never done before! 

The girls all had so much fun and it really was worth getting up early on a Saturday to experience! :)

Also worth noting....Amber and I were slightly excited about getting to drive in the HOV lane on 77 on the way home!!! (Charlotte know, going south from Huntersville, where it veers off onto its own little highway?!?! It's the little things....)

I would have LOVED to take a nap, but I had to get my hair cut and then attend Nick and Andrea's wedding (which will be getting its own post tomorrow)!!! Needless to say, I was am still exhausted!!!

Sunday was spent laying around till 2PM, seeing Nick and Andrea's new house, and wishing them well on their honeymoon. And of course, no Sunday would be complete without my fav hangover cure, Chipotle.

I'll be back tomorrow to give you all the deets about the wedding!!

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