Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Randoms

Happy Sunday and Happy {almost} Summer to my teacher friends!!! Only 3 glorious workdays come between me and my summer...ahhhhh!!! 

*I failed to mention during my last random recap that Kathryn and I had been going to Crossfit recently! (Michelle, I'm sorry it isn't your place, but Kathryn had already gotten a Groupon for somewhere else! We will be coming to your place though when this Groupon runs out!) Holy workout!!! I have never been so sore in my entire life....the first time we went, I couldn't move my arms above my head for like 3 painful. 

*The last day of school was {obviously} Friday!! We celebrated by having an epic dance party and watching our school on the Today Show!

*Oh! That's school was on the Today Show!! We are FAMOUS! My principal won an award for educating male students of color and our test scores have been so impressive, that NBC sent their education reporter (sadly, not Savannah or Matt) out and they filmed at our school ALL day last week! Fortunately, they did not come in my classroom, for which I was very grateful. The show aired last Thursday, but you can watch it here:

*We also celebrated the last day of school and Trav's birthday on Friday by going out for a yummy Thai dinner!! 

We were going to try to go to Brad Paisley, but it was supposed to (and ended up) storming really bad, and since the venue was outside, I'm glad we didn't go and get soaked!

*Saturday, I decided that Kathryn and I needed to hang out doing something besides Crossfit, so I went over there last night. We had an excellent time, as always, and Dame even rocked out to my fav song {$10 if you know what that is}!

PS: Is it sad that I get SO excited for Sunday night TV?!?! RHONJ and Kardashians!?!?!? Ahhhh. Happy Sunday indeed. :)

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