Monday, March 4, 2013

Lots of Food {AKA My Weekend Recap}

So this weekend, I decided to eat as much food as possible. No, but really.

Friday night, Travis made us this delicious pizza, using the leftover Cilantro Cream Sauce from one of the recipes I posted last week! Also on the pizza, he put chicken, onions, tomatoes, and I'm not really sure what else, but let me tell ya, it was DELICIOUS!

Saturday morning, I braved the snow--yes, snow in March, what is this, Ohio?!--to go get my hair cut. Well, I had so much hair that my girl Sarah couldn't blow dry it by herself, so she had her assistant (she's fancy) help her! I felt very special hahahaha.
And also I realize this doesn't involve food, but its pretty much the only thing, so enjoy this ridic pic.

THEN, I went to my friend Andrea's bridal shower. If you recall, she's the one who had the fancy engagement partayyy in the same building as MJ's condo. She's pretty snazzy. The shower, was of course, at her soon-to-be in-laws' home and it was straight out of Pinterest...especially the kitchen.

Not the best pic....but I was too busy eating.

So, the food was homemade by her future MIL, who is a trained chef....let me tell you, it was delicious!!! 


We also had homemade tiramisu for dessert, which was delish as well!

That night, we had Andrea's bachelorette party, since all of her friends were in town! Unfortunately, it was CIAA weekend here in Charlotte, which means you do not go anywhere near uptown and there is WAYYYYY too much traffic everywhere, so we had to do something kinda low key. 
We got manis and pedis at my fav nail place and then went to dinner at a new restaurant, AZN. It was really good! 
Here is our adorable penis things, because we are nice!

After dinner, we were all so tired from our busy day! We are so old!! 

Yesterday, my dad came in to town and we went out to eat AGAIN, this time at The Cowfish!
I had some yummy sushi!!! 

....and then I gained 5 pounds. And that's the end of my weekend.

But...quick, special shout out to my baby bro who turns the BIG 25 tomorrow!!! Woowoo!!!

We clearly loved each other early on....

Don't worry, homeboy got an upgrade this birthday, he's currently in the Dominican with his girlfriend! #jealous

Have a wonderful week!!!