Friday, August 25, 2017

Ice Cream Week!

Happy Friday, friends! 
Now that I'm done with Whole 30, Ella and I decided to celebrate by doing a whole week of ice cream activities!!

There is SOOO much fun ice cream stuff on Pinterest, we could have easily done 2 weeks of ice cream! But here's a look at what all we crammed in to just one week of fun! 

Books we read:

Educational things:

Ella wanted to make Lucas's name, too!

I adapted this ice cream math activity; instead of using pom poms, Ella used her dot markers for the ice cream scoops!

Art projects:

We also added "sprinkles" using sticky back foam sheets that I cut up!

We had to add sprinkles to ours!

Unfortunately, the only little pom poms I had were Christmas-colored. Whoops!

Sensory play:

I made an ice cream toppings sensory bin using cotton balls, pom poms and sprinkles. 

We also attempted to make ice cream in a bag.
But, the bag(s) broke. And it. was. traumatic. 

See?! I mean, the HORROR.

Luckily, we had shaken it enough before the bag(s) broke that the ice cream was pretty frozen (and was still inside the inner-most sandwich baggie, so it was not ruined at all by this horrific accident) and Ella was able to eat it!

Field trip:

To the ice cream shop, of course! 
{Actually it was TCBY because that was closest to our house and I didn't want to deal with rush hour traffic....but whatever.) 

So many fun things to do with ice cream! But Ella and I both agree, our favorite thing is to EAT IT! 😊