Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ella Grace {3.5 years}

Dear Ella,

Well here we are, halfway through the year of the "three-nager" and I gotta say, it's not too bad! (Now watch me eat my words and you wake up tomorrow as a complete terror.) 
You are getting to be such a big girl; lots of things you say and do remind me of the kindergarteners I used to teach and I can't believe that you are closer in age to a kindergartener than you are to Lucas! 

We don't have another check up until your 4th birthday, but if I had to guess, I'd say you weigh around 35/36 pounds and are maybe just under 40 inches tall?! You are pretty solidly in 3T clothes still, but wear 4T pajamas and brands that run a bit small (I'm looking at you, Ralph Lauren, Mini Boden and Gap!). You love to look at the size on the tag and see if it's a 3T or 4T.

Sleep with you is decent. I'd give you an A-/B+. You loooove to play with the 393745 stuffed animals in your room before you go to sleep (both during nap and nighttime), and if you weren't so hilarious, I'd probably have taken all of your "guys" away by now. But you set up these elaborate stories with them, and make them talk in these funny voices, so quite honestly, Daddy and I just watch you on the monitor cracking up! Sometimes your playing completely interferes with your nap and you'll nap for a solid 20 minutes, or some days, not even at all. But I refuse to give up the nap! If we try to put you down before your 7:30 bedtime you will, 1) play until 8:30 anyway, and 2) get up at 7:30 AM when your clock turns green no matter what. I think you've slept past 7:30 maybe 3 times in the last year?!?

You still love preschool and are seriously missing your friends and teachers this summer! We've been doing some fun educational and crafty things using my old teaching stuff, and you LOVE playing "kindergarten." Every day you ask me, "Mommy, can I do a kindergarten thing?" You know all the letters and can spell your name. You can identify rhyming words (oh my, this is starting to sound like a report card!), but we are still working on beginning sounds. If I ask you a word that starts with M, for example, you have a hard time coming up with a word. You love to count and are really good at counting to 20 (except you skip 15, which is pretty normal). You just figured out the other day that "hey! There are 12 numbers on the clock!" and you feel the need to tell everyone you see about that. 

You are STILL obsessed with Paw Patrol. When will it end. Every morning, you get to watch one episode that we've DVR-ed and you've gotten Lucas hooked on it too. We found a Paw Patrol nightgown at a consignment sale last week, and you might as well have won the lottery. You still love Frozen, too, but a few months ago we finally got around to watching Moana and you've loved that as well!

You are still a fantasic big sister to Lucas, and he just lights up when he sees you. You are determined to help him walk, and you really, really want him to walk to you, like every second of every day. You introduce him to everyone you meet, proudly saying, "I'm Ella...and this is MY baby, Lucas!" You guys actually play really well together...let's see how long this keeps up for!

You love to be on the go, and every night you ask, "Where we gonna go tomorrow?" Your favorite places are the jumpy place (ISC gymnastics), Chick Fil A, Barnes and Noble, the pool (either the Y or our neighborhood one) and any park....each friend has a park (i.e., Mackenzie park is William R Davie Park, Rhys park is Park Road Park, Penelope park is Freedom Park....). You have a super amazing sense of direction and always seem to know where in Charlotte we are, and which way is Costco and which way to the Y! You also love to look for Ex Fet (FedEx) trucks, airplanes and the mailman! A few months ago you became obsessed with street signs, and your personal favorite is "slippery when wet."

I really, really like this age (minus the few meltdowns here and there), because I feel like you are becoming such a smart, thoughtful, entertaining person! The stuff you come up with truly blows my mind. Daddy and I feel so lucky to be your parents...God couldn't have blessed us with a better little lady! We love you Elle Belle!!!

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