Sunday, August 20, 2017

Lucas William {15 months}

Dear Lucas,

I haven't done an update since you turned ONE (three months ago?! how?!?!), so I thought I'd check in and share with everyone what you've been up to lately!

You are still, and will probably always be my joy boy. You are SO stinking happy 95% of the time (the other 5% is when you're either tired, hungry or need to poop...understandable)! When we are out and about, at least one person guaranteed says something like, "Oh such a happy guy!" or "What a great smile!" because you smile at EVERYONE. You are so congenial!

This has been a big month for you because you FINALLY started walking!!!! Praise the Lord! Last Monday, you finally figured out that taking more than a step or 2 really isn't all that scary, and you were off! Each day you walk a little further by yourself! You've walked all the way across the kitchen and down the hallway (I'd say probably a good 20 feet or so?). Because of this awesome walking, just this past week you got to move from the infant room at the Y to the ones room, and I had to pay for you to "jump" at Sky Zone! You are such a big boy now!

You also LOVE climbing up the stairs. You think it is hilarious when we try to stop look at us, laugh, and continue climbing up until we come to get you! Your other favorite "stinkyhead" activity is getting into every drawer and cabinet you can. Pretty much every cabinet in the kitchen is baby proofed (with these) but if someone forgets to lock them back up, you are the first one to notice and pull out ALL of the things.

I attempted to measure you (it was a bit like wrestling an octopus...) and I think you're about 31.5 inches long and weigh almost 24 pounds. You are quite a wiggle worm though, so not exactly sure how accurate those measurements are! We don't go to the doctor until your 18 month appointment, so it will just have to do for now! You are wearing mostly 18 month clothes, but still fit into a lot of your 12 month things, including pajamas. You've been in size 4 diapers for about 2 months now.

Just like your sister when she was your age, books are your absolute favorite thing right now. You LOVE looking at books and are easily entertained by them for hours (ok, I promise I don't make you look at books for hours, but you probably would if I let you)! You have a few favorites right now {this one, this one and any of the "That's Not My..." books}, but really any book you can get your hands (and occasionally your mouth) on is a guaranteed hit with you. You have a field day whenever we go to the just go up and down the aisles pulling out whatever books you can!

You are not a big talker (I've heard boys usually aren't), but you are getting better about expressing yourself. You can say "Mama," "Dada," "Ella," (sounds like how they say it in Spanish, "Ay-ya") "go," "up," and you also make a "bababa" sound when it's time to say goodbye to someone (or when you're talking about a ball). You make it known that you are hungry or thirsty by making a clicking sound with your tongue and/or attempting to climb into your high chair. You also reach out as far as you can with both hands when you want food and you wave your hands frantically when you're all done eating. 

Speaking of eating, I'm happy to report that you are still an amazing eater! We've successfully weaned you off breastmilk, and you drink cow's milk--from a cup, guys!--twice a day. Yes, thank goodness, Little Lulu finally quit his bottle strike and now drinks water and milk from a sippy cup!

Lucas, you are a busy, busy boy who is constantly on the move and gets into everyyyyyything, but we wouldn't change a thing about it! You are growing, thriving and oh so much fun! Your joy is contagious and we can't thank you enough for always putting a smile on our faces when we are around you! We can't wait to see what the next few months have in store for you! We love you, Big Guy! 

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