Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Bennett Michael {Two Months}

Dear Bennett,

Well, well, well. Another 30 days have passed so quickly and you are another month older! How does this keep happening?!? You are becoming bigger, chunkier and cuter everyday! Oh and less anemic, too! You might just be my favorite 2 month old ;)

Head circumference:
{we go to to doctor next week for your 2 month well visit, so I'll update these stats then!}

Clothes: You are still rocking the newborn size! You've outgrown the premie stuff, but most 0-3 month clothing is HUGE on you (except Gerber onesies because they run crazy small). It's gotten colder, and I've realized you have almost zero long sleeved shirts and pants in 0-3 months, so I've been trying to scoop up stuff on M2M (local Facebook group...if you're in it and see cute 0-3 month winter stuff, tag me!). You are still wearing newborn size diapers, but I think we might be able to go up to size 1s pretty soon!

Nicknames: Ben, Ben Ben, Benny, Benny Boo Boo, Peanut, Peanut Butter, B, Little/Littlest B, Bean, Little Bean, Buddy. Ella's nickname of choice is "Benny," while Lucas always calls you "Baby Bennett." 

Milestones: The big one this month was SMILING! Ahhhh so cute!! You also started cooing and it is just the sweetest little sound. You love to "talk"! Your head control is also getting better and you are crazy strong! You want to roll over so badly when you are on your tummy!

Sleep: UGHH Bennett. Sleeping is not your strong suit. I was really hoping you'd be sleeping through the night, or at least a few 6 hours stretches by now, but oh well. I started following Moms on Call out of desperation just a few days ago (thanks Beth for sharing the book with me!) and I'm really hoping it will get you on a schedule and sleeping through the night soon! Mommy is tired (Daddy too)! Right now, you go to sleep at 7:30 and then start to rustle around 10, so I do a quick dream feed before I go to sleep. Then you sleep 10:30ish until 3/3:30. Then you want to party! It takes you forever to get back to sleep after this middle of the night feeding, and you'll sleep until 7:00 or so. Naps are on and off throughout the day so my goal for this next month is to establish more of a structure with those! We've started putting you in your crib to sleep for a few hours each night, but then put you in the pack n play in our room once you wake up. I'm not quite ready to have you sleeping all night in your own room just yet! 

Best Moment: When you smile! I just love your gummy little grin so so much! Other highlights include: your first trip to the pumpkin patch, meeting your great-grandparents and visiting the doctors who saved your life in utero! 

Worst Moment: Every night around 3:30 AM (see: sleep. Ha!)

Likes: Eating, pacis (especially the wubbanubs), being held/being in the Ergo, the Boppy lounger, ceiling fans, the white noise machine,  the vacuum, being in the car, snuggling, spitting up, pooping, getting rinsed off in the bathtub (when we stick your head under the faucet), kicking your legs like a frog!

Dislikes: Being cold, being hungry, getting into the car seat (once you're in, you're fine!), putting on clothes over your head, the hours of 3:00-5:00 AM. 

Health: You had your second post-birth blood transfusion at the end of September! Since then, your hemoglobin is doing well, and at last check (yesterday), it had actually gone UP! It's now 11.2, which is awesome and quite frankly, probably higher than my hemoglobin right now, ha! Your pediatrician is still consulting with the hematologist, but hopefully you don't have too many more heel pricks in your future!

Eating: You continue to be a great eater! You are nursing every 3 hours and eat for about 20 minutes each time. You have taken a bottle for Daddy the other week when I was at Bunco. I want to start pumping soon and giving you a bottle at least a few times a week, so you don't have a bottle strike like your big brother did!

Thank you for blessing our family with another fun month! You are still the chillest baby on the planet, and you rarely cry (like, you will go a day or two without even crying!). You are pure joy and we can't wait for more exciting times to come! Please be my snuggle buddy for life. We love you, sweetest boy!!

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