Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ella Grace {Three Months}

Dear Ella,

How are you 3 months old already!??! You now are out of what they call the "fourth trimester," so you're technically not a newborn anymore! Tear!
{Also, if you were a Target receipt, you'd be expired! The strange ways your mom keeps track of time...}
I feel like you are SUCH a big girl now!  

We don't go to the doctor this month, so I'm not sure how accurate your measurements are since I had to them myself!

Height: 23.5 inches (46 %ile)
Weight: 11 pounds, 10 ounces (18 %ile)
Head circumference: 15.75 inches (65 %ile)

Clothes: You are still comfortably in 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers. I haven't tried any of your 3-6 month clothes, but I'm guessing they would still be a little big on you. Even some of your 0-3 month clothes in certain brands (i.e. Petit Ami) are pretty big! You are still my little peanut!

Nicknames: Elle, Elle Belle, Ella Bella, peanut, sweet girl, stinky/stinky head, snuggle bunny, love bug

: You are smiling more and more, and sometimes you smile so hard, you make little sounds like you are trying so hard to laugh! You also love to coo and babble when you are in a happy mood. We love listening to you "talk"! You have relatively good head control and can hold your head up and look around fairly well. Your back and neck are getting stronger too, and you have no trouble pulling yourself away from me/the boob! Your legs are kicking more than ever, and I think you are starting to figure out your hands are attached to your body--you LOVE putting them in your mouth! You can also turn your head to where ever I am when you hear my voice.

{Look at that head control! So strong!}

Sleep: We finally moved you to your crib about 2 weeks ago; it was much harder on me than it was on you! I thought we might see a little sleep regression when this happened, but you are such a rock star sleeper! You go down anytime between 9 and 10 PM, and sleep until 7 or 8 AM! It's kind of amazing. Naps are getting better too. I'd like to have them on a little more of a schedule, but for now, you are sleeping for about 20-30 minutes late morning while I run on the treadmill, then another 30 minutes or so in the early afternoon. You take your longest nap in the late afternoon; sometimes you sleep for hours but other times, only for 30 minutes or so. I'll take it, as long as you keep sleeping amazingly at night!

Best Moment: Celebrating Easter, your first real holiday (no offense to Valentine's Day)! You loved going to see the Easter Bunny and getting your first Easter basket!

Worst Moment: Probably after you got your 2 month shots. You were so fussy, sleepy and miserable. I'm glad we don't have shots this month!

Likes: Bath time, smiling back at me and Daddy, the "Baby Shark" song, the "Happy" movie, when Daddy or I play "drums" on your tummy, when we do "running legs" with you, kicking the piano on your playmat, the Bumbo chair, your bear mat, and I think...YOUR CRIB! (Who would have thought?!)

Dislikes: There's not much you don't like, but you are starting to not be the biggest fan of tummy time. Diaper changes can also be rough, as well as changing your clothes (you don't like when things go over your head and kick frantically)!

Health: You still have some minor allergies, but nothing awful...just sneezing from time to time like the rest of us! At your 2 month appointment, you had a small little growth on your belly button that the doctor had to burn off with silver nitrate (sounds way worse than it really was!) but that's healing up great and your belly button looks normal now! :)
Your dad is convinced you are teething, since you drool and eat your hands all of the time, but I'm not so sure. I think we still have a few more toothless months. 

Eating: You are still eating every 3 hours. I also wake you up around 11 PM for a "dream feed" before I go to sleep. I got around to assembling your high chair last week, so I think I may start having you sit in it while Daddy and I eat to "practice." We are not planning on starting solid foods till 6 months or so, though. 

Ella, you keep getting more and more fun each and every month! And more adorable, too! We are really enjoying your smiles and coos; it makes us so happy to see you healthy and thriving! Everyone is always commenting on what a beautiful baby you are, specifically your big eyes and long eyelashes, and we couldn't agree more. Your personality is also developing, and you are still such an easy baby! Let's keep this up until you're 18, k?! :) We love you, sweet girl, and can't wait to see what the next month brings!


  1. Think I've said this with every Ella post, but she is just adorable. Also, I love love love her crib sheet.

  2. Oh my word she is absolutely adorable!!! I'm expecting my first, and seeing adorable baby pictures makes me even more excited about our little guy's arrival! :)

    I found you through the link up! I hope you have a great day!

  3. Cutie pie Ella! Btw Gavin hated tummy time too, try propping her on the boppy, it helped us!

  4. She is so precious!!! I just love her eyes!!