Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Three Month Favorites

Here are a few of our favorite things for month 3!!!

Seeing as we've finally transitioned Ella to her crib, up first....

1. I love our Motorola monitor! It has a huge screen, picks up every little sound and even tells me the temperature of her room.
2. Even though the Motorola monitor is amazing, I am still a little psychotic paranoid and wanted a movement monitor, in case Ella ever stopped breathing or something terrible like that! At only $60 on Amazon, it was definitely worth it to give me piece of mind. We actually had our first false alarm last night--she rolled off the center pad. I wasn't mad about it waking me up at 6 am...I'm just glad the thing works!
3. We loved the humidifier we got for Ella's room so much, we got another for our room, too!

Next, Ella isn't really into toys yet, but here are a few of her favorite "play" things:

1. I love this Fisher Price bouncer. It's super portable so she can sit in it all over the house, and she loves to stare at the animals that hang down.
2. Ella looooooooooves to sit in her Bumbo chair because she loves to see what's going on around her! Also, its kinda her fav spot to watch her jam on the iPad.
3. This Kick n Play Piano Gym has been a new favorite. She wasn't super into it at first, but now she's figured out how to kick the piano and make music! She also loves to look at herself in the mirror that hangs over head.

And a few other random things...

1. The grass drying rack is perfect for drying bottle and pump parts! I also have the little twig thing that goes with it. Super cute and doesn't take up a ton of room.
2. I can't believe I haven't mentioned our carrier yet! It's the Britax one, and while I was skeptical at first, it's seriously the only way I get anything done when Ella just wants to be held! She loves being in it!
3. Remember when we accidentally clipped Ella's skin cutting her nails?! This nail trimmer is awesome because it gently files down the nails, no clipping! Ella laughs and smiles now when she is getting a manicure!
4. I know there is a little debate about My Brest Friend vs. Boppy. I have both, and I do like the MBF because baby doesn't slip between you and the pillow, but the Boppy is more versatile. I also use it for propping Ella up to sit, and she can also do tummy time with it (thanks, Dana!)! 

So there you have it....another month of baby gear! Hopefully, we'll be into some toys next month?!!

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  1. We have a crane humidifier too... I love that you don't have to change out a filter with it! Glad the boppy trick works with tummy time! :)