Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday

Linking up again to share my 5 things!

1. So much fun at our wine tasting party Wednesday night! Thanks to Rachel for hosting!

What we did was everyone brought 2 bottles: one for the competition and one for the prize pool. The competition wine was brown-bagged and numbered, so you didn't know which wine you were drinking. We had papers to record the number of the wine we were tasting and we rated each on a scale of 1-10. Dee was nice enough to add up everyone's scores of the different wines at the end of the night to declare a white winner and a red winner. 

2. My wine won the contest for the whites!!! (Which means I got to take home the white wines from the prize pool, yay!) In case you are interested, it was Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling which Trav picked up the other day because it was on special at Harris Teeter!! 

Even more surprising, the red wine winner was from Aldi of all places! Who knew?! 

3. Everyone brought an appetizer, but since we all know I hate cooking, I baked and brought cookies instead. 

(We also served these at our wedding as part of our cookie bar!) 

4. Do you all watch Southern Charm?!? 

I'm kind of addicted, now that it's over!! I can't believe Cameran got married....and I'm also convinced Kathryn is not the same person. Crazy!! Also, one of my Facebook friends ran into them while in Charleston! 

Anyone up for a road trip to Charleston?!? Haha.

5. My first Mother's Day is coming up and I can't believe my husband actually asked me yesterday what I wanted!!! Woohoo!!! His suggestion was to put in a new light fixture in our breakfast area (always so practical, remember he paid off my car as my push present!), but I kinda want a new necklace, especially one with Ella's name. Although I probs wouldn't get it in time for actual Mother's Day....

Or I wouldn't mind something like this, with part of one of my fav poems on it...

Any other good ideas to tell my husband about?!? And what should I get myyyy fabulous mama and MIL?! 

Have a great weekend!


  1. So great seeing you!! I need to send the pictures out to everyone :)

  2. I love the necklace idea for a mother's day gift, I'm kind of hoping for something like that this year too :) Maybe a framed picture of Ella as a gift for your mom and MIL? I never know what to get them either, but I feel like grandmas love their grand-babies so a picture is always safe, plus it's fairly inexpensive which I kind of like -if you come up with any great ideas be sure to let me know! I feel like it has snuck up on us this year.
    [p.s. your hubby sounds just like mine: practical. paying off debt/loans, fixing house things... you know, like that. Love it though, right? :]

  3. So glad you could come on Wednesday!! So much fun :)

  4. Riesling is my fav so no surprise it won! I started watching Southern Charm several weeks ago and got hooked!! I kept an eye out for them when I was in Charleston a few weeks ago but didn't see them :(