Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lucas’s Construction Birthday Party

Almost a month ago (whoops!), we celebrated Lucas turning 3 by having a construction-themed birthday party! He loves all things construction, so this was a no brainer and super fun to put together!

I once again rented out a local park shelter, which I love because I don't have to clean my house and party clean-up is so easy! We lucked out with nice weather (although it was a little hot)!

The backdrop might be my favorite thing I've ever stumbled across on Amazon! It was so fun...although getting it to stay down with the wind was a little frustrating! 

I found all of the food name idea on Pinterest of course, and ordered the label cards off Etsy
We had:
-nuts & bolts (chex mix)
-wrecking balls (cheese puffs)
-cables (twizzlers)
-lumber (pretzel rods)
-crew crunchies/dip ahead (chips and salsa)
-builder bites (chicken nuggets from Chick Fil-A)
-dirt cups (pudding cups with oreos and gummy worms)

And of course we had cake!

This was the easiest cake to make ever! 
{Three boxes of yellow cake mix in a 12"x18" sheet pan; top with chocolate frosting, crushed Oreos and M&Ms; the trucks are from Amazon here!}

For our party favors, I got each kid a bucket from the dollar store, and inside, I put bubbles and chalk! Hopefully, all things they can use this summer!

"Dump Gifts Here" sign from Etsy.

Favor tags from Etsy

Back in April, I majorly scored when another mom was selling a bunch of construction party stuff on a local Facebook group! I scooped all of it up ASAP, including these styrofoam blocks, with golf tees to hammer!

I also got these sensory bins from her, and then accessorized with some of Lucas's construction toys!

For my little artists (Ella and her friends!), I bought a bunch of Home Depot aprons to decorate! We even had leftover fabric markers from Ella's party!

The wind was definitely an issue the day of the party. The picnic shelter was like a wind tunnel and everything kept blowing around! So we taped down all the tablecloths and even ended up taping the cones down, too! I put yellow tape to make each table look like a road, but it also helped to hold stuff down!

{Hi Bennett!}

Thank goodness Lucas had more than enough construction vehicles to help secure the tablecloths too! The only vehicles I had to buy were the ones I put on the cake! Everything else, he already had!

{Thanks for photo-bombing, Travis!}

It was a fun time celebrating our construction-loving boy!!!

My kids' outfits are all from Smock Monkey. They did a presale back in February when I knew the theme of this party...and I knew finding an outfit for Ella would be challenging, so I didn't think twice about ordering these!

Of course Lucas would have been ok with just playing in the sand the whole time...!!!

Trying to hold up 3 fingers is hard!!! We are still working on it!

He's still asking me when we can go back to his "'struction site birfday pah-ty" so I'd say it was a success! 

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