Friday, September 21, 2018

Life with Bennett {week 4}

Happy Friday! I can't believe this little nugget will be a whole month old on Monday!!! Gah! Where does the time go?!?

We've had a pretty boring week around here!


We were in full hurricane-prep mode. We cleared off our screened-in porch and brought the couch cushions in, which of course made it even more appealing for Lucas to go out and play on it.

We also watched way too much of the Weather Channel for hurricane updates!


Bennett had his newborn photo shoot!!!

Yes, our sweet photographer came to our house during the hurricane to take these for us!!! Bennett was a total angel; however, Lucas was not. The photo shoot ended up taking almost 3 hours, and I'm pretty sure 2.5 of those hours were trying to get Lucas to take one sibling/family photo. Ugh. We were all so frustrated with him. I felt so bad for Tara! But I can't wait to see Bennett's pictures!!!

The rest of day we spent in our pajamas (matching! from my friend Kathryn!) waiting for the hurricane to roll through.

Trav and I were absolutely convinced we were going to lose power Saturday night, when the storm was supposed to hit Charlotte the worst. We are so thankful that we never ended up losing power at all!! We did get a bunch of rain (almost 7 inches) and it was crazy windy, but other than that, we were very much unharmed! We faired a lot better than many others in our state, and even some right in our own neighborhood (lots of our neighbors lost power, and a house less than 3 miles away had some huge trees fall on it, causing major damage). 

Bennett was so happy he survived his first hurricane without losing power, no trees falling on our house, and no flooding near us!

By Sunday, we were all getting a little stir crazy! 
Exhibit A: Ella wanted me to take this picture of her eating an apple...

And exhibit B: Lucas stacking play-doh containers. Boredom at it's finest, friends. 

The wind had died down considerably at this point, and it was just rainy, so I let the kids go out and run around in the rain. They were SO excited to jump up and down in muddy puddles, just like Peppa Pig!

That night, Ella helped Trav make the most random (but delicious!) pizza using whatever was left in our fridge. 


Ella did not have preschool, and Trav didn't have to go into work because many roads were still flooded. 
Ella decided to start up a little day care and spent a good amount of time "reading" to and playing with Bennett! 

We also made our fall bucket list!

Our sweet neighbors brought us dinner Monday night (this "new baby meal train" thing has been amaaazing and we are so thankful for so many nice friends bringing us food! one less thing to worry about!). She brought spaghetti and both kids gobbled it up! I have the pickiest eaters on the planet, so this was kind of a miracle! Maybe it's because all I ate when I was pregnant with both of them was pasta?! 


Ella was finally back at preschool, so Lucas, Bennett and I ran 12,000 errands!

Just takin' some selfies in the returns line at Target! ;)

Lucas also got to wear his new jammies, and he is obsessed with them!

Pretty sure he will only want to wear these pajamas every single night from here on out...


We met up with our friends at the library!

These boys are only 2.5 months apart! Bennett and Benjamin!! Future besties!

We probably should just go ahead and buy this book for Lucas already, since we check it out almost every time we go to the library!

We also started our crazy Wednesday night schedule...
First, Ella had dance at 4:15. Bennett slept while Lucas played with the trucks!

It's so crazy to me that not too long ago, Lucas was sleeping through Ella's dance lessons!! How time flies...

Anyways, right after dance we hightailed it up to our church for the first week of Avondale Adventures! It's basically like a Sunday school class, just on Wednesdays. The kids eat dinner, and then they have a little music and Bible class!

Thanks to that kid for sticking his booty in my picture, ha! Lucas isn't really old enough to participate, but I volunteered to help out this week, so he came along for the ride as well. He was 10 kinds of crazy, so I'm sure everyone is glad I am not volunteering every week!


The boys came with me to return a few things to Hobby Lobby!

Lucas has no use for the seat on our double stroller anymore...he just wants to ride (backwards, mind you) on the "skateboard." At least he's somewhat contained?!

Our neighbors also started putting up their Halloween decorations, which is always met with equal parts terror and fascination from my kids. Ella is still terrified of the "white pumpkin." Like, she has already closed her eyes the 2 times we've driven past it today.

They didn't have the white pumpkin up yet when I took this picture, so I'll try to get one of that thing, as well as a better picture of their whole set up. I know you just can't wait!!!

Bennett was clearly unfazed!

We have a very exciting practice for Lucas, Bennett's first birthday party and a little apple picking in the mountains!!

Be back Monday with a ONE MONTH (AH!) update for this little guy!! 

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