Friday, April 1, 2016

Five on Friday!

1. We had quite an exciting week, starting with return to TARGET!!! 

I was really sad to find out they were actually closed on Easter, but no worries Ella and I headed there ASAP on Monday! And it was amazing.

You all didn't tell me all of the cute stuff I have been missing, especially all the cute navy sports stuff for Baby Ferg's nursery! I may have bought this pillow, and am considering going back for this print:

2. After the Easter Bunny brought Ella a new pair of sunglasses, and then we just happened to buy another pair for her at Target (hey they were only $1!!!), guess what we found yesterday?! Yep, both pairs of sunglasses from last summer. The ones I had been searching for for months

We were cleaning out her dresser and moving some stuff to baby brother's room, and I found them at the bottom of her sock drawer (don't think I hadn't already looked there 100 times...)!!! So now Ella had 4 pairs of sunglasses for the summer. I think she is all set there. 

3. My pregnancy hormones have been out. of. control. this week! 
I overheard someone reading this ridiculous book, and while I think it is super creepy how the boy sneaks back into see his mom...omg I started BALLING when I heard it being read! I had to leave the room! 

All of a sudden, I have been getting so sad about how my 1-on-1 time with Ella is coming to an end!! I feel so bad for her! She isn't going to be an only child anymore! Ahhhhh. Someone tell me this is normal because I feel like a complete nut case. 

4. Moving on to happier things, UNC's mascot, Rameses had baby twins!

Ok well, not Rameses but his girlfriend/wife/baby mama had the babies, and I'm sure Rameses will be a great daddy! And aren't they just the cutest things?!?!? Trav sent me the news story {here} and Ella has watched the video of them "run in the grass" about 1500 times. 

5. Speaking of Rameses, we are SO excited for UNC to play in the Final Four this weekend! In honor of that, here's a little throwback to our time on Franklin Street when Carolina won the National Championship in 2009 (the last time they were also in the Final Four)!

Ahh, such a fun time!! I hope there will be lots of celebrating on Franklin Street this weekend!