Friday, April 29, 2016

Five on Friday!

1. First and foremost, thank you thank you thank you for all of your prayers and positive thoughts for Baby Ferg!

Our appointment went really well on Tuesday, and he is doing just fine in there! They will continue to monitor me, so things could change...but I felt very confident in the doctors and the whole situation in general when I walked out of their office. Plus, what an amazing view from the parking deck! 
{I'll post a little more about what all is going on sometime next week in a bump date, since I know some of you are curious!}

2. I felt like I won the lottery earlier this week when my friend Katie tagged me in a post where someone was selling their double City Select on our moms Facebook group! 

These strollers go SOOO fast in this group but I got it! I won! I won! 
Ella looks unsure about it, but I promise she LOVES the new stroller. And I love that we got it for almost 60% less than retail price! 

3. I am really trying to cook once a week. Just once. Haha, that's about all I can handle right now! When my friend recommended these Greek tacos, I knew I had to try them since I've been craving anything Greek lately!

They. were. delicious. I'll definitely be making them again. Plus, I think Trav was excited to eat something other than fish or chicken (I subbed ground beef for lamb)!

4. Speaking of making delicious things...we went to the strawberry patch this morning! 
So now I am all ready to make a big strawberry salad, plus maybe this strawberry pie...and/or these biscuits

If you have any yummy strawberry recipes, please send them my way!

5. We discovered a new park yesterday!

It's right across from Imaginon, where we were for story time. I have no clue how I didn't know this park existed (my husband can even see it from his office!), but Ella had a blast trying to jump in the fountain!

Have a great weekend!!! 

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